Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe


Look at this holiday set!! It’s definitely the best I have seen so far for 2016 – eeeek! Too Faced did a similar set to this last year, which I wanted so badly but never got my greedy little mitts on! When I saw there was an equally beautiful set of eyeshadow palettes out this year, I knew it was something I would have to buy. I didn’t even add this to a Christmas list, I bought it as soon as it became available online. (I missed the first release but managed to nab the second, this has been going in and out of stock regularly so keep an eye out.) This set cost £46 and you can (try) and buy it here or here. This set boasts three Christmas-coffee scents, Christmas at Starbucks has met it’s makeup match and I am pretty darn happy with this!

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Iceland 2016 | Part 2


Read my Iceland part one post here! To carry on with the five day holiday, we decided to make our Wednesday a day full of relaxing at the Blue Lagoon. We pretty literally spent the whole day here – seeing it lit up with the sun through to darkness. I have been here before, but it was definitely just as good the second time around! We lazed, had a few drinks, lazed around again, got a bite to eat, and lazed around, again!

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Florida & Disney haul!


I fricken (had to rewrite that word lel,) loooove all things Disney! When my family went on holiday there recently I (voluntarily,) stayed home to look after my cats – two of them need daily meds and I wanted to be the one to do it to stress them out as little possible – bless. My family then went overboard and bought me a whole load of amaaaazing things! I literally love everything they brought me back – I haven’t ever had a bath and body works candle but always swooned over them – now I have six, along with some Sephora and Disney things woooooo!

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A movie night in with butterkist popcorn!


Hello you lovelies! I was so excited to get involved with this as who hasn’t loved Butterkist popcorn since forever!? Bringing a snack I’ve always been fond of and arranging a whole movie night around it just sounded like heaven.. and it was! I tried three new flavours of the popcorn – salted caramel, choco mallow and coconut & raspberry – all of which were seriously delicious – and I finally got to try out now TV which is also awesome! Also included were some face masks, mugs and hot chocolate… One pampering night feat. delicious snacks and good movies here. we. come!

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Iceland 2016 | Part 1


Hello! So this was my second time in Iceland – I actually just read through my posts about last years trip which was really cute. Iceland is such a beautiful place, which I know we all agree on because it’s on everyone’s bucket lists! The reason I love Iceland so much is because it’s so naturally stunning. You go for the nature which is amazing because *most* of the things we do on a lot of holidays are purpose-built attractions. I stayed in downtown Reykjavik for five days with my boyfriend Jack this time round and has such an amazing time with him – here is what we did!

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Elegant Touch after dark & Eyelure enchanted collection

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I think I just go through stages of being the luckiest person in the world – and I’m definitely not complaining! I won the whole Elegant Touch after dark and Eyelure Enchanted collection through an Instagram giveaway! (Follow me @emmasivess) The competition was a simple ‘guess how many sweets one’ and honestly I have zero idea how I got it right because seriously that just doesn’t happen I swear. The package literally came within two days and I ripped it open the second it turned up, it was a gooood day, a very good day! 😉 If you fancy buying any of the nails or lashes, you can find them in Boots or Superdrug!

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The best advent calendars of 2016!


Beauty advent calendars have been growing year upon year – seriously, the amount of option there is this year is just insane and makes me want them allllll! I thought I’d put together a post of all the calendars I most have my eye on – which honestly is all of them but I guess these are the best of the bunch to me! I’ve tried a few different beauty calendars throughout the last couple of years and had mixed feelings. For example, my Tanya Burr calendar last year was am-amaaazing, I managed to get it half price but I still would have loved every part for the full RRP to be honest. Amongst others, I’ve also tried a Benefit calendar before and been so disappointed! I believe I paid £60, and considering that whopper of a price tag, all the products were tiny minis (verging on sample sizes,) and it just didn’t live up to standards – not cool. With a little bit of experience behind my belt and an eye for all things pretty, here is my round up:

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Autumn boot looove

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So I recently bought the most beautiful shoes from ASOS and thought I’d share because look how preeeeetty. They’re actually so comfy, so sturdy – I find this soo important for any heeled boots so I can trust my footing haha(!) and they’re perfect for autumn and winter.

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Degustabox #5


It’s time agaaaain! I don’t need to even say how excited I get about this subscription box anymore.. Degustabox* always offers a huge variety of nibbles, ingredients and drinks – often brands you’ve never heard of mixed in with ones you know and love. I genuinely love the concept of this, as honestly, when I’m out shopping in Sainsburys I tend to stick to what I know in almost every area but chocolate (I do try new chocolate hahahaha!) I love being introduced to new things and this box has shown me some seriously good brands so far which I have already started repurchasing!

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Halloweeny activities!


Happy Halloweeeeen! I love seasonal things, and I looove celebrating! It is so me to get into the swing of the season a little too much and just go over the top with it – but if you enjoy something then you should go for it! I also am quite obsessed with all things scary, so when it comes to Halloween there’s a lot to do for me – gone are the days of trick or treating, but the days of eating a bucket load of crap, pumpkin carving and scaring yourself shitless are still definitely upon us. 😉

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