What’s in my bag? Short-haul hand luggage!

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Alohaaa, I’m off to Milan on Friday woooohooo! I thought I’d throw together a post of all my must haves in a short-haul flight; as there are a few things I just couldn’t be without on a plane! For long-haul flights I bring a wholeee heap more, as I feel like that becomes a bigger question of comfort along with tackling the boredom, but that post can wait till my next long-haul! For a few hours on a plane, here are the things I neeeeed:

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What I got for my birthday 2016!


Guess who’s twenty!? It feels wrong, I’m still seventeen I swear! ūüėČ For my twentieth (that sounds gross, my little sister is annoyed at me for leaving her in her teens hahaha) I got some amaaazing presents. As with last year I wanted to share a good round-up of what I got with you as it’s all very exciting! (I feel like no disclaimer is needed this year, we’re all allowed to be happy and share what we have with each other so woooop let’s get cracking!) I feel like I need to add – this isn’t every single thing, purely¬†in case someone looks at this who has bought me something and it’s not included haha!

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The cutest personalised jewellery | Bracelets


I’ve been a little bit obsessed with personalised/engraved jewellery recently – so after hunting through different websites I thought I’d write up a collection of my favouritessss. The best website I’ve found for affordable personalised jewellery is not on the highstreet. I was going to do both necklaces and bracelets in this post, but after finding it impossible to narrow down my choices I’ve decided to split them up! Here we have, the bracelets:

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The GLAMOUR Summer Edit | 2016

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Okay, I have officially been writing this blog forever seeing as this is the second Glamour summer edit I’m writing about – eeeek! (We’re coming up to two years I believe, crayzayy.) I¬†adoreee¬†the Glamour beauty edits from latest in beauty, each one has shown me a product I would have never thought about using but loooove – and then I go on to buy them myself! This box is worth ¬£104 but costs ¬£20 including postage.

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Things to watch in June


I love a good bit of TV, I don’t know why and it probably makes me a huge goon but I get¬†a serious buzz when I’m watching a new, good film, series or programme. Thanks to this I thought I’d write up a post telling you guys all the things I’m buzzed off ma nut to be watching this month. Let’s get Netflix and chill on the road..

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Zoella Sweet Inspirations | First look


Other than the Christmas range, I’ve tried something from every Zoella release – and I have to say, the sweet inspirations collection is definitely my favourite to date. This range is absolutely the most unique, and although I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried, this range definitely brings something new to Zoella beauty.

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Beauty haulinnn


I love a good haul, me. It’s very rare now that I actually buy a heap of things together – so I decided to make a list of the products I slowly accumulated over the space of around a month to make a haul post. I’m actually really glad I’ve done this as it has shown me more what my money’s gone on; when you just buy a few bits here and there it feels like it just disappears, but seeing it all together is definitely different!

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May favourites | 2016


I have been the shoddiest ever with favourites this year – eeeek. Throughout May there has been so many things I’ve loved a little bit too much so I wanted to share; this goes for products as well as days out and life in general. May has 100% been a favourite!

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The men’s shave balm that the makeup world adopted


You’ve probably heard somewhere about how everyone’s using this shaving balm as a primer. I have no idea who started it or where they even got the idea from, but I’m glad they did! You can buy this in supermarkets and drugstores for about a fiver – although I’ve seen it on sales a lot so I would personally hold out for one if you feel like giving it a whirl!

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A weekend in the forest


Last weekend I stayed up in the most amazing cabin with some gorgeous people. We stayed in blackwood forest with forest holidays in a ‘Golden Oak’ cabin – fitted with a hot tub, the most beautiful interior and surroundings that – as you will see – speak for themselves! Easily one of the best weekends I have had for a while and I 100% recommend it!

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