Paul Mitchell hair goodies


Paul Mitchell is a brand I’ve recently been introduced to – with a hair care range suiting copious different hair needs. I’ve been dying my hair forever; when I was little I had the blondest hair, so when it started to turn into that mousey brown/dirty blonde colour in my teens I wanted to get it back to the way it always had been. Since then I’ve been dying my hair every few months, so I wanted to try the ultimate colour repair range* from Paul Mitchell to see what it could do for me! Along with this I was sent a gorgeous detangler* which was 10000% needed and necessary for the slightly unruly mane of mine!

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The cutest personalised jewellery | Necklaces


If you haven’t read my bracelet version of this post, you can do so here. I adore a good piece of jewellery, and recently I’ve become a little obsessed with personalised jewellery and engraving on jewellery – I just feel like it makes it a bit more special, more personal. As with my bracelet post, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite customisable necklaces – all available from gorgeous little retailers through not on the high street.

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Sephora haul!


Ello ello ello! (I really hope you read that how I said it – top bants mateyyy.) So I recently went to Milan – read about my time here – and the onlyy shop we went in to was Sephora. (If it had to be only one I’m not complaining to be fair!) I bought a couple of bits for my sisters and a couple of things for myself; we don’t have a sephora in the UK so there were a couple of things I really wanted to try!

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Lalalab prints & discount code!


looooove the Polaroid photo-effect, but I don’t have a Polaroid camera, and I like my photos to be the best possible quality. I recently came across ‘Lalalab’ (type it in on the app store and you can download it for free,) where you can print photos, photobooks and more from the app on your phone. You can log into apps like Instagram and take your photos straight from there along with your albums. The prints are relatively well priced and I have a five pound off code for you to get them even cheaper!

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Milan 2016 – Part 2!


From the 24th-27th of June, me and my boyfriend explored the wonders of Milan. Check out my Milan part one post if you haven’t already! We crammed such a ridiculous amount into our four days but I feel like that’s what you have to do to get the most out of short breaks, especially city breaks with so much to fit in!

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Goodbye Zoella tutti fruity


I actually went out and grabbed these products on their day of release when I was out in Harrogate last year! I never wrote up a blog post, partly out of laziness, partly out of the fact I had other things to be writing about in all fairness. However, seeing as this range is being discontinued after a year of being sold, I thought I’d do a little write up on them. (On the peanut range. 😉 )

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Milan 2016 – Part 1!


Hey hey hey hey! So me and my boyfriend recently got back from a four-day mini break to Milan – we had the best time there involving slightly too much walking, and a few too many cocktails(!) but after having the best long weekend in a very long time I wanted to share what we got up to! Get ready for some pretty sexy views, smokey bubbly drinks and a whole lot of Pizza…

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What’s in my bag? Short-haul hand luggage!

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Alohaaa, I’m off to Milan on Friday woooohooo! I thought I’d throw together a post of all my must haves in a short-haul flight; as there are a few things I just couldn’t be without on a plane! For long-haul flights I bring a wholeee heap more, as I feel like that becomes a bigger question of comfort along with tackling the boredom, but that post can wait till my next long-haul! For a few hours on a plane, here are the things I neeeeed:

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