A weekend in the forest


Last weekend I stayed up in the most amazing cabin with some gorgeous people. We stayed in blackwood forest with forest holidays in a ‘Golden Oak’ cabin – fitted with a hot tub, the most beautiful interior and surroundings that – as you will see – speak for themselves! Easily one of the best weekends I have had for a while and I 100% recommend it!

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Boots Testing Panel | Where to sign up


Fairly recently I signed up to be a part of the Boots Testing Panel (read my first post here.) Since signing up I’ve been sent three things to try out – from hit and miss to more exciting products! The panel is open to everyone and anyone who wants to try out and review new products for Boots – they then send you questionnaires to see if you suit the products. (Based on age, skin type, skin concerns and more.)

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Being blonde does not make me…


Hello my brothers from other mothers! So I’m not an argumentative person, I don’t like drama – I’d rather have an easy breezy life to be entirely honest with you. Generally, I don’t surround myself with judgemental or argumentative people (yes, we can all get snappy at times – when we haven’t eaten enough chocolate-) but I mean people that go looking for it. The people I choose to have around me are kind, honest people, the way it should be. How-fricken-ever,

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A cheeky little LUSH haul


LUSH is life, and honestly a huge money pit because, although I don’t shop there really realllly often, every time I go I can’t just stop at a couple of bits! I feel like you won’t be judging me though because if you’ve found yourself here on me little blog in the first place, you’re probably a little bit similar. 😉

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I started pole fitness!


After seeing an advert pop up on my Facebook for aerial hoop and pole fitness, I knew I wanted to start! I’ve been more motivated to get fit/healthy/a little less flabby this year and have actually managed to do a couple of bits – go me. (Literally sounds so sad but I am the laziest person you could ever meet so don’t judge!)

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NYX Hauling


I am so excited for this post, because I just fricken love spending all my money on a whole bunch of junk and sharing it with the world. (*Strokes makeup “you’re not junk, don’t listen to them*) I’d only ever tried one product from NYX before this – my sister accidentally ordered two of the same lip gloss and gave me one, and I loooove it. Thanks to that, after a spending ban for “most” (I feel like that’s a bit of a shifty lie,) of the year so far, I bought a whole bunch of it!

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Skinnymint | First look



Skinnymint and bootea are all the rage at the moment – I have no doubt you’ve seen a bunch of pictures of stunning girls with a teeny little frame sipping on their lemon infused teatox. Some people really aren’t interested, and a whole bunch of us are curious to see the results of these teas; me being one. I’ve been a hell of a lot better with exercise and ever so slighly (but not really) better with my diet recently. Seeing as these beauties are 100% natural, I thought I’d give it a go. I am definitely no where near seeing any proper results, but I thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on so far.

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My makeup transitions | Huge childhood fails


Image from Pinterest

Aloha! I thought it would be hilarious *(embarrassing AF but yolo*) to go through my makeup transitions and phases so far in life. I feel like I was one of the last of the teens to make all of those mistakes – ridiculously strong eyeliner, glitter hairspray, funky vibrant eyeshadows etc. They don’t do that now I swear; their first collections consist of MAC and other high end, and they seem to get it bang on and look 25+ at the age of thirteen. Maybe it was the rise of youtube tutorials, maybe they’re all some new makeup-ninja race. Whatever the case, there’s not enough of this hilariousness anymore so I wanted to relive some bad times – get ready to cringe at makeup-past my friends.

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