Pandora and troll beads love

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I love Pandora, I jumped on the train about five years ago when every one was first getting obsessed, and I still love my Pandora jewellery. Since that time, I have filled up one bracelet, made a good dent on my second, and been gifted some stunning rings. Along with Pandora, my sister (who is obsessed with troll beads,) got me into troll beads. Charm bracelet heavennnn over here.

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I originally wanted my first Pandora bracelet to be all pink, and then I wanted it to be rainbow-themed full of colours, and then it ended up being pink. (And I love it pink.) The hedgehog was my first charm – representing two baby hedgehogs we saved and gave a little home until they moved on, awwh. A lot of my charms mean something, and some are gifts – which still mean something as they remind me of specific people!

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My next bracelet is red, as I had some lovely red charms from some equally lovely people!

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Two of my Pandora rings are these snake and twist rings, which I wear regularly along with some others. My favourite is definitely the snake ring – how pretty is it!? Although one of the silver gem things has fallen out which is really disappointing! I definitely wear rings more regularly in the cold weather as the heat makes my fingers swell a fair bit – gross but true lads.


I also have two princess/tiara rings because it’s probably the closest I’ll get. 😉 I got the left one ages ago and the right this Christmas – it’s quite a new release so was tricky to get my mitts on!

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And thanks to my sister’s obsession, my troll beads bracelet! Blue is easily my favourite colour, and as I didn’t have a blue charm bracelet yet this was an easy decision! The charm on the far right was hand made in front of my eyes for me especially by a troll beads lampworker – on troll beads day in the Cambridge store. I did want more blue on it; she put a blue coat around the outside but did say it can discolour when it’s fired, which it did boo! I still love it though!

So there is my little Pandora and Troll Beads collection! Do you have bracelets from either brand?

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  1. 06/06/2016 / 12:21 AM

    Pandora is honestly beautiful. I’ve only bought it as birthday gifts for my friends. I should probably buy one for myself as well! <3
    Sasha Bahirwani

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