Birchbox #2

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I was very excited to see my second birchbox hop through my door, I wasn’t completely blown away by my first (which you can read about here,) but seeing as this month is Birchbox’s fifth birthday, I was expecting some special goodies inside! I’ve said it time and time again, but I love the concept of Birchbox and other beauty boxes alike – little unkown treats popping through your door every month makes it your birthday all year round, and I can definitely deal with that! I adore the design of the box this month – I got an email allowing me to choose between the two designs, and this easily won for me as it’s so light and happy!

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As with my first box, this one comes with a gorgeous little bag which is definitely reusable. I reckon if you’re a Birchbox subscriber and you gather a little collection of these bags, they’d work perfectly in a drawer to divide up different products. The collection of samples this month is definitely a step above the last for me – I’m genuinely excited to use up everything!

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I’ll start with the bottles. First up we have another product from beauty protector – I received a detangling spray in my first box which I’ve really been loving, it smells delicious and it does exactly what it says on the tin. (Bottle..) This product is a beauty wash – which I assume is basically a shower gel. It smells scrumptiously sweet and foams up wonderfully. The smaller sized bottles are really growing on me as they’re perfect  for travelling or staying at friends for a night. They’re also a much safer bet when you want to try out products but you’re not 100% sure you’ll love it! Definitely a winner for me!

The next product is by Paula’s choice, (never heard of it!) and it’s a ‘skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid.’ I haven’t used it enough to comment so I’ll just write what it does: creates radiant, even-toned skin | Reduces redness and builds collagen | Unclogs and diminishes enlarged pores. I’m sure if this works you’ll hear back from me so keep an eye out!

Finally, I was given a John masters organics detangler – Birchbox has clearly heard about my thick hair that likes to keep me on my toes! 😉 Again, I haven’t used this enough to properly comment but I’ll get back to your if it’s a hidden saviour! I don’t tend to spend anywhere near as much on hair products as makeup, so I love getting products for my hair as I wouldn’t usually go out and buy them!

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Benefit, hello my friend. The POREfessional license to blot is easily the product I’m most chuffed with from the box! I’ve been wanting to try this out for ages anyway, but I haven’t really had the spare cash to try it out. This is obviously a fraction of the size of the original, so it’ll be harder to blot away shine during the day – but I’ll still be able to see if this works for me I’m sure. I have oily, shiny skin in areas so I’m thrilled to have received this!

I love a good bit of makeup me, and I find a lot of beauty boxes send out fuller-sized products when it comes to makeup. (Don’t ask me why!) This Laqa & Co cheek and lip pencil is a really good size, is exclusive to Birchbox and costs £17 RRP; thank you Birchbox! It’s not my favourite colour and I think it’s far more summery than autumnal, so I reckon I’ll use it most as a cheek tint on sunny days.

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Finally, a product I can use basically forever! I love getting products you can use time and time again in beauty boxes as I feel you get more of your moneys worth. This little brush is similar to the tangle teezer, and perfectly portable. I’ll probably put this in my handbag for those windy days when you look like a windswept dog – woohoo!

If you want to subscribe to Birchbox you can do so here – if you subscribe through this link we’ll both be rewarded and you will receive an extra 50 points (five pounds worth to spend in the Birchbox e-shop; you’re on your way to free makeup and more!)


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