Christmas trip to Berlin!


So I haven’t posted on here in a while – which sucks because I fricken love Christmas and Christmassy themed things, and I did the same last year. Boo. The most part of last week is excused though, as I was taking a mini break with one of my lovely friends to Berlin! I was feeling super Christmassy back in like September/October (looool,) and there was a deal on Wowcher so we went ahead and booked it! (I must say though, after booking we did find even better deals on Expedia, so definitely check there if you’re thinking of doing the same next year- Expedia always have the best deals!) We headed out on Wednesday and returned on Sunday…

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On Wednesday, after a relatively quick and easy flight, settling in and a little stop to get breakfast bits, we headed off to find food and the first Christmas market. We bumped into the most stunning pasta place which we actually ended up eating in three times haha!


As soon as we first saw the market we thought it was magical!


It was filled with people, food, mulled wine, and stunning little gifts!


I bought some delicious biscuits and two of these stunning copper candle holders – they looked gorgeous all burning together; I wish I’d just bought them all! After a lot of walking, we headed back for the night.

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On the next day me and my friend were absolutely knackered; I feel like travelling does that – but we headed off exploring all the same! After staying on the tube for too long, we bumped into the Berlin wall and had a little walk around…


And went in search of the Jewish museum – I didn’t take any pictures here but a lot of it was really powerful and very interesting!

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The next day marked a year since a friend of ours has died, so we spent the morning walking around, reflecting and visiting a few cathedrals – I’m not personally religious but it was quite calming – some of the architecture is incredible!


After going back to the hotel for a while, we headed out in search of another Christmas market and had a walk around – there were so many shops in this area too so we got in some retail therapy.

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(We didn’t ice skate!) The rink was basically a pool of water where it had all melted haha but it was pretty all the same!
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Back to the pasta place once again 😉 It was seriously toooo yummy.

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We took the next day relatively easy, as we knew we had to be up at 2AM on Sunday morning to make it home! Due to this, we headed to the zoo – and accidentally bumped into another Christmas market!

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We didn’t hang around this market for too long, (we were becoming poor by this point!) and instead went straight to the zoo!

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We didn’t know beforehand, but actually Berlin Zoo has some shitty enclosures for some of it’s animals – most are perfectly happy and kept fine, but the big cats in particular were in cages far too small. (By the time we realised this we headed off as it was actually quite depressing – I wouldn’t go back to the zoo again purely for that reason!)

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(Before the big cats,) we went to the little petting zoo part which was soo fricken cute! The goats were happy as larry and greedy little fellas too! We flew home ridiculously early on Sunday, and I came home to eat and hibernate for a couple of days!

Overall I had such an amazing time in Berlin and I’d definitely go again at some point in my life – although there are a few more places I want to tick of my list first! The Christmas markets were so stunning and definitely the highlight; they were the sole reason we decided to go though to be honest ha!

Have you been away anywhere this month?


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    what a great trip–thanks for sharing!

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