How Light Treatments Can Remove Body Hair


Removing body hair is something that most of us probably don’t talk about on a regular basis, but definitely definitely think about! My mum and sister have both had their legs and armpits treated with IPL to stop the hair growing back – it worked on my mum but my sister’s legs aren’t perfect still. I’m currently undergoing a laser procedure to remove the hair from my bikini line and it’s definitely started to work for me! To be quite honest, I booked my sessions with my salon based on good ratings and price – but I had no idea of the difference between IPL procedures and laser hair removal, so let’s take a look into it…

You have probably heard that both IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser procedures can be used to get rid of body hair effectively. What you may not understand is how both types of light therapy work. You might also be unsure as to which would take care of your body hair problem in the best and fastest way. Here are some things that should help you gain a clearer understanding of how both procedure types work.

Lasers and IPL Devices Are Not the Same

First and foremost, lasers and IPL devices are not the same at all. A laser beam consists of highly focused light particles on a single frequency. Intense Pulsed Light machines, on the other hand, emit a much less focused wide band of light. Another big difference is that laser machines use a constant beam of light. As the name suggests, Intense Pulsed Light machines use short pulses or bursts of light.

There are also differences in terms of how strong the machines are. Lasers used at a clinic are extremely powerful and require special training and certifications in order to operate them. While IPL technicians should also be properly certified, the IPL machines aren’t capable of producing enough heat to be very problematic. A clinical laser device in the hands of someone who isn’t properly trained has the potential to cause severe blisters and burns on the section of skin that it treats.

Treating Unwanted Hair at Home with the Devices

 IPL hair removal equipment and laser equipment that you would find in clinics is quite powerful, but there are also versions of both methods that can be done in the privacy of your own home. All you have to do is purchase one of the at-home devices or kits either online or at a local store.

Although at-home treatments do have the ability to remove unwanted hair over time, they aren’t as accurate or fast as machines in clinics. So, it can take a lot of tries on your own at home to get rid of the unwanted hair. You might feel at first as though you aren’t saving any time at all because it’s just as problematic as waxing or shaving, which is why many people opt for making appointments at their local skincare clinics for one treatment or the other instead.

Choosing Between the Two Clinical Procedure Types

The final decision in the battle of IPL versus lasers doesn’t really come down to a right or wrong answer. Both types of clinical processes have good and bad points. For example, IPL is a mild treatment with minimal risks. Lasers can pose some side effect risks, especially to people with extra skin oils. That could cause burns or blisters to appear after treatment.

All of those are things that your clinician should discuss with you well ahead of time. Together you can figure out how best to treat the unwanted hair that you have. Regardless of the outcome, it is certain that you’ll find yourself shaving or waxing at home far less often than you used to. In fact, both IPL and laser devices can damage hair roots so badly that it may not grow back at all in some cases.

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