I started pole fitness!


After seeing an advert pop up on my Facebook for aerial hoop and pole fitness, I knew I wanted to start! I’ve been more motivated to get fit/healthy/a little less flabby this year and have actually managed to do a couple of bits – go me. (Literally sounds so sad but I am the laziest person you could ever meet so don’t judge!)

I do have a few pictures and videos of me doing holds and spins – but I decided not to include them just yet at the risk of huge embarrassment. 😉 It’s amazing how quickly you move on to things you would never even imagine trying – some of the upside down holds we’ve done already (after four weeks,) I genuinely would have thought would take months upon months to master!


Every time I go I ache all over in the following days – but the aches have definitely become less now and I reckon eventually you’ll feel nicely energised in the days after pole. It’s honestly such a good laugh to bring a friend along to and just jump into it, if you fail it’s hilarious together, and when you boss out a move you just cheer each other on.

I’ve heard people have lost a load of weight doing pole fitness and it does make sense – playing around with different moves exercises the whole of your body, and I promise you’ll be thanked for it! I originally felt awkward about telling people about it because I feel like every has such sexual connotations about it – however I can safely say it’s not like that at all when you’re doing it in a room full of girls for exercise and giggles! I would definitely recommend checking out your nearest pole fitness centre to everyone, bringing along some girls and having a whale of a time.

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  1. 01/06/2016 / 2:08 PM

    OMG! I really want to try this too! I just bought gym membership and they dont have pole dance so maybe later.

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