Goodbye Zoella tutti fruity


I actually went out and grabbed these products on their day of release when I was out in Harrogate last year! I never wrote up a blog post, partly out of laziness, partly out of the fact I had other things to be writing about in all fairness. However, seeing as this range is being discontinued after a year of being sold, I thought I’d do a little write up on them. (On the peanut range. 😉 )

I bought three of the tutti fruity products – I don’t think I’ve ever bought the full range of any release, I always pick a few products that most suit me, see how I feel and then decide if I want to repurchase or buy the rest of the range. I can say I didn’t actually go out and buy these again, but I did quite enjoy them!

Firstly, I was quite excited to get my nose into the products to test the fragrance. There’s only so much you can see through pictures and videos, so I wanted to see if the name of the range did it justice. It kind of didn’t. The products smelt really fresh, sweet and relatively uplifting, however nothing too tutti fruity in my opinion! With that being said, the fizz bar in particular worked really well with this fresh, sweet scent. I liked the big chunks of the bar also.


After almost a year, I still have a good portion of the body scrub and kissy missy lip balm left. The body scrub carries the scent really well and hasn’t faded too much after all that time. (I feel like it might not be okay to use now though ahhaha!) It’s really not like me to leave scrubs in a drawer half used – it’s the one product that I use up fully and go out to try a new one almost every time. The reason I didn’t fully use up my scrub was the fact it didn’t do much scrubbing for me. The formula is really thick and relatively hard, with not an awful lot of scrub to it. I feel like this is often the case with sugar scrubs though – they sound prettier on paper, but salt scrubs are what really do the scrubbing! It smells good and isn’t a bad product, but I feel like I’d be happier with it if it had been sold as a ‘soft body polish,’ rather than a scrub – which it really isn’t to me.

Finally, the lip balm. Again, this isn’t much of a balm – it doesn’t moisturise or make your lips feel nourished like a balm should, however it’s a really good product. (As a potted lipstick.) The colour payoff is seriously strong and I love the hot pink colour – I don’t actually own one quite like it as it’s not a colour I would often reach for, so for the price I was very happy. It doesn’t last awfully long but again, for the price it does the job well.

Overall I did quite like the tutti fruity range, however I do feel like the names of the products were slightly misleading for their uses. Although I’m not going to stock up on the range before it’s gone for good, I’m happy to have tried it out. I feel like Zoella beauty is just on the up however – with the new products looking better and better. (Sweet inspirations looooving.)

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