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I’ve been a little bit obsessed with personalised/engraved jewellery recently – so after hunting through different websites I thought I’d write up a collection of my favouritessss. The best website I’ve found for affordable personalised jewellery is not on the highstreet. I was going to do both necklaces and bracelets in this post, but after finding it impossible to narrow down my choices I’ve decided to split them up! Here we have, the bracelets:

In case you haven’t heard about not on the highstreet, it’s a marketplace where lots of different brands sell online. (Special brands, businesses who’s products you won’t find in your normal shops.) It’s similar to Etsy and you can find some beautiful things you would have never ever thought about buying before seeing them in their glory, give it a look!


Laila disk bracelet | £18
I’m actually getting this for my birthday because I love it too much – engraved with my name rather than a cute little message. I love the rose gold to this and I feel like it will look beautiful against a similarly toned watch.


Birth sign disk bracelet | £14
I feel like this is so simple and cute – and again, would look stunning worn next to a watch or another bracelet. I have a weird thing for rose gold; I feel like everyone has hopped on this train for a reason! (It’s so prettttyyyyy.)


Gold plated tree of life bracelet | £69
At the higher end of the market, I feel like this bracelet sat centrally on the top of your wrist could look nothing but stunning. Paired with a special message, your family’s names or whatever, I think this would be so so special.


Tassel bracelet | £20
I have a serious thing for tassels recently, and I feel like this bracelet brings the funk of the tassels with an elegant touch, looooove it. You can get this bracelet and tassels in a mixture of colours – and there’s a few variations I have beady little eyes on!


Dipped bangle | £22
After my sister started wearing some gorgeous bangles I got a little obsessed. I used to always love a more slinky, floppy bracelet look but now the hard, fitted look of a bangle has definitely taken my fancy! You can get this engraved as seen in the picture. I feel like this one is really special as it’s not obvious from far away, it’s more of a secret which I quite like.

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    • Emma
      21/06/2016 / 2:30 PM

      I need to own the tassel bracelet – it’s so prettyyy!

  1. 19/06/2016 / 2:48 PM

    I love the style of these! They’re all so pretty! X

    • Emma
      21/06/2016 / 2:31 PM

      Aren’t they!? Thanks for your comment beaut xx

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