Milan 2016 – Part 2!


From the 24th-27th of June, me and my boyfriend explored the wonders of Milan. Check out my Milan part one post if you haven’t already! We crammed such a ridiculous amount into our four days but I feel like that’s what you have to do to get the most out of short breaks, especially city breaks with so much to fit in!



On day number three we visited lake como, which was one of the most stunning places I’ve been. The lake itself was huge, and all the buildings lining the lake sides were really special and unique. We planned to get a seaplane around the lake but it was closed on the day we went – boo. We had a little look around and headed for lunch.

(Where I ate way too much food and my boyfriend ate barely any after being filled up from his earlier sandwich – psh Emma to the rescue.)

We had a walk round some beautiful streets – some were cobbled and pretty deserted which was lovely! — Not this one! 😉



We then hopped on a boat to see the lake, after eating way too much food I actually felt really unwell for a while (clever way round to do it I know,) but it was still really beautiful to see! Some of the houses right on the lake were incredible –  one had a little water driveway and boat garages – goals!

After spending all day at Lake Como we hopped back on a train to the centre of Milan, and back to the hotel. This night we sat in the hotel patio bit with wayy too many cocktails, but it was one of my favourite moments of the holiday. Me and my boyfriend just chatted for hours, while this storm decided to let loose – I don’t think I’d ever seen a storm quite like it and I loved it! We moved to the sheltered part of the patio and enjoyed the storm hammering down. (Whilst we weren’t getting wet. 😉 )


On the finalmente day we chose to have quite a chilled one; I say that but I still walked way too much haa! We checked out and took our cases to central station, to leave there whilst we went out exploring one more time. We had a panini thing (us and the pigeons, they were greedy little things,) in a little park bit outside central station..


Visited the unicredit tower and had a sephora shop. (I’ll be writing a post on everything I bought!) And then bought a bucket load of fruit and snacks to have a picnic.


We arrived park Sempione, which holds castle Sforza, where we whipped out our ridiculously yummy pineapple, mango, chocolate, crisps and snacks and chilled out for a couple of hours.




We then walked around the castle which was really beautiful. Its supposed to hold the world’s largest violin but that bit was closed on the day we went!



We sat down by a gorgeous pondy-river thing, where we watched fish and lots of cute turtles. One kept swimming right up to where I was sitting and I have a video of me trying to have a chat with it, we’re bros, me and him. 😉


After walking around the rest of the park, we headed back to central station, grabbed our cases and hopped on the shuttle bus to the airport. We had such an amazing time in Milan and I would seriously recommend it to everyone! The costs of the flights and hotel were so good – so that combined with how beautiful the place is and how much we managed to see makes it more than worth it! (Just have a look at how much you’re spending on cocktails.. 😉 )

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