Sephora haul!


Ello ello ello! (I really hope you read that how I said it – top bants mateyyy.) So I recently went to Milan – read about my time here – and the onlyy shop we went in to was Sephora. (If it had to be only one I’m not complaining to be fair!) I bought a couple of bits for my sisters and a couple of things for myself; we don’t have a sephora in the UK so there were a couple of things I really wanted to try!


One of the hardest things to get hold of in the UK would obviously be Sephora’s own products, so I bought a bunch of face, eye and lip masks. So far I’ve used the avocado face mask and a shea lip mask and honestly, they are so good! I wondered if it would be a case of buying for the name rather than the product, but the products are seriously amazing so I’m really happy with this!


I bought a Sephora own palette (the ‘must-have makeup palette,) which features four beautiful eyeshadows, a blusher and bronzer in a beautiful golden-toned brown. This is probably my favourite purchase of the haul and only cost around ten euros! I got myself a few blue invisibobbles (so I can finally try them out!) and a nail cream from a brand I’ve never heard of but looks really good.


I got three hand gels which smell incredible – not quite as good as bath and body works’ ones but still a happy addition to my handbag. These are a really teeny size but I quite like that, they’ll be perfect for days I’m taking out smaller bags. Tony Moly is quite difficult to get your mitts on here in the UK, so to add to my overpriced moisturisers (that’s the price you pay when you need to get your hands on products available in other countries!) I bought two of the lip balms – an apple and peach one. Nomnomnomnom.

Have you been to Sephora? What are your favourites?

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    • Emma
      21/07/2016 / 4:18 PM

      Me too! I definitely haven’t been in enough as I only visit when I’m on holiday, but I love the range!?
      Let’s hope haha! Thank you for your comment ? xxx

  1. 19/07/2016 / 3:38 PM

    Great haul! Those masks sound amazing and the packaging of that palette is just too cute! But those lip balms are EXTRA adorable!

    • Emma
      21/07/2016 / 4:17 PM

      Aw thank you so much! I really love the palette – I’ve been wearing it non-stop? I’m a sucker for packaging, I cannot get over the little lip balms either ha! Thank you for your comment xxx

  2. 19/07/2016 / 2:58 AM

    These all look lovely! I just got the Tony Moly peach handcream a few days ago and I love it, so I’d like to try that lip balm ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon </a

    • Emma
      21/07/2016 / 4:15 PM

      Ooh lovely! I tried the apple tony moly hand cream a de months ago and loved it – it literally smells like freshly cut apples, rather than the artificial Apple smell you usually get with these products! You definitely should try the lip balms! Thank you for your comment lovely xxx

  3. 19/07/2016 / 12:50 AM

    I love love LOVE Sephora’s sheet masks! They have so many options, they smell great, and my skin always looks and feels so great afterwards! The lip mask was a bit weird feeling, I wasn’t sure about the taste or not being able to talk until I took it off but my lips looked so hydrated after I took it off! They’re definitely my favorite Sephora brand products, second place is those amazing Lip Creams everyone talks about though!

    • Emma
      21/07/2016 / 4:13 PM

      How nice are they?!? I loved the lip mask! It was weird not being able to talk but I just lay on my bed watching TV so it wasn’t a problem – I didn’t taste much either! You’re right, it was so so hydrating! I haven’t tried the lip creams – I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m in a Sephora! Thank you for your comment 🙂 xxx

      • 21/07/2016 / 6:07 PM

        The lip creams are beautiful, they remind me of the NYX soft matte lip creams!

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