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As I said in my Milano posts, one of the highlights from my mini-break was definitely having a few cocktails with my boyfriend in the Nottingham Forest bar. We found this online when looking for places to drink in Milan and knew we had to go – the cocktails are experimental and works of art and science, you’re gunna love it!

I just want to jot in a quick apology for the shoddy pictures, it was night time (pretty late actually!) and inside the lighting was mainly dim and warm-toned; which was so lovely to drink in but made getting good pictures relatively hard eek!


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We anticipated quite a long wait to get in – they don’t take bookings and we were warned online the wait would be long. With that being said, we ended up going relatively late – about eleven (they’re open from 6:30PM to 2AM.) We waited outside for about fifteen to twenty minutes before being let in – but actually the wait didn’t feel too long atall; probably partially due to having a chat with the lovely doorman. (And being entertained by watching some dodgy rich American couple try and bribe/flirt their way into getting a quicker seat – cheeky bastards.)




We were seated inside just by the door – at a lovely table with big armchairs. Before even looking at the menu we were enthralled looking around at all the weird and sassy ( 😉 ) decorations! Right behind my head there was a big board with a ‘special’ drink on – entitled Brexit. It wasn’t my fault Europe I swear!!

We had a long read through the menu which was actually more like a book – it seriously told a story, all about the history of the bar, why they decided to start up this snazzy venture and details on mixology.

“It is a cauldron. It is a cave. It is Nottingham Forest, a mercurial oasis where you can hear the echo of the world, which resounds in every detail, in every object. Ready to evoke Africa, the Caribbean and the orient…”

“Water can become foam, foam become air and air can turn into smoke, you don’t need a magic wand. Just to understand the laws of chemistry and desire for experiment.” 





After looking through lists and lists of cocktails, we decided on our first ones. I opted for the ‘Thai box,’ while my boyfriend Jack chose the TV series themed ‘True Blood’ cocktail. We were genuinely amaaaazed when they were brought out. Jack’s looked pretty funny with a little syringe of blood (cherry liqueur) to add to his cocktail, and mine was a wooden box. On opening the box, I was greeted by a cloud of smoke from the lit incense stick inside, a fortune cookie and my cocktail. The cocktail itself tasted of 90% vodka but it was bearable and for the look of it, definitely worth it!



Our next cocktails were just as cool, I went for one called the peach/orange cloud or something, which was a very sweet drink, topped with beautiful (and weird but nice tasting,) foam. It then featured delicious fruit and a flower, cuteeee. Jack went for another TV series drink – called ‘Dexter’. It came with gloves and a sharp knife to cut your way through the bloody crime scene of a drink – how cool!



It was getting quite late (and expensive) by this point, so we went for one more drink each. This time I went for a TV series drink and chose a ‘sex and the city’ cocktail. Again, this was so so strong and tasted like pure vodka – I couldn’t actually drink much of this one haha! It looked amaaazing though, in a big high heel with a sneaky condom to finish – top bants Nottingham forest, you cheeky fellas you.

Jack’s last drink was possibly the coolest of the night. It came in a skull, was bright blue, and bubbled and smoked away – snazzy or what! I didn’t love the taste of this one either but literally it was worth paying for purely based on the looks! Watch the video of it below!

All in all we seriously loved this bar and if I ever find myself in Milan again I will 100% return!

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