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Hello my maties! I get asked a fair amount advice on and ways to increase blog following, along with getting your blog out there. I’ve always been quite apprehensive to write this post because although my following and readership is amazing to me, it’s definitely not part of the elite – so I would absolutely not be the person to ask about how to get millions of readers! With that being said, when it comes to initially getting your blog off the ground and getting a good group of lovely readers together there are a few points that I see as a huge must! So without further ado…

1 – Be active – talk to other bloggers and read other blogs!
In order to initally get your blog out there, I think this is possibly the most important thing to do! I’ll take a wild guess and say, I reckon a huge portion of blog readers are bloggers themselves – they’re obviously interested in blogging, and when it comes to smaller-time bloggers they’re the ones who are likely to explore and see what’s out there. Talking to and following other bloggers will allow you get tips and inspo on your own blog, but also can direct people to your own blog. Make sure to comment when you like a post – it’s nice for them, and you can leave a link to your own blog so they can return the read! When you’re literally just starting I think this is a key way to get people over and having a read of your blog!

2 – Introduce yourself to and work with bloggers and brands!
If you really like another blogger and think they have a similar tone to yours, why don’t you offer a guest post exchange? You can both write a post for each other blog that will send their followers your way, and vice versa. With this point I would definitely say make sure to choose bloggers with a similar following to yours. It wouldn’t be entirely fair if one of you had 10 followers and the other had 10,000, so be realistic with who you choose! Along with this point, introduce yourself to brands for collabs as smaller time brands will often publish your material on their social medias and so forth. When doing this give tell them what your blog is about, give them your following and stats and tell them why you love their brand and why you would want to work with them! A great site to use for blogs with a smaller following is etail-pr, you put in your stats and you can apply for samples from brands with a set criteria that fits you. The bloggers hangout is another great version of this!

3 – Use social media and be coherent
If you’re a blogger it’s probably quite likely you use social medias – Twitter and Instagram at least! Social media is such good promo for blogs and businesses, so make sure you utilise it! You can build up ridiculous followings with social media, I see a lot of bloggers who have Instagram accounts with followings over double their blogs! This is definitely not a bad thing though, as it lets you direct all these people over to your blog! Always have your blog link in your bios, and tweet the links for new posts, along with other relevant content. With social media, I often use a picture from my blog post and write a little caption sending people over. Along with blogging, make sure to be active, follow relevant people and brands and connect and commincate with people! You can also ask social media users with similar followings to yours to repost some of your stuff as you do the same for them – all the while driving you traffic and making friends!

4 – Have good photos
Blogs are aesthetic, especially beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogs. You would have to have the absolute best writing in the world to build a good following with no pictures, or pictures of a bad quality! The initial thing that draws people in is the outlay and pictures of a blog, so make sure they’re the best they can be to make people stay! Always photograph in natural daylight (you’re probably not going to be purchasing extortianate photography lights at this point at least!) and keep them bright and in focus. A lot of people use DSLR cameras, and while this is teh best case scenario for a lot of people – it’s probably not realistic for everyone. You can still take amazing photos with the camera on your smartphone though! (I may write up a post on this separately!) Always make sure they’re in good focus, and play around with the brightness and exposure levels to make them the best they can be. Afterlight is a good app for this. Be careful with this and filters when taking swatch photos though – as you wouldn’t want to change the colour of the swatch and basically be giving someone false info!

5 – Get yourself on Bloglovin’ and get email subscription
The huge majority of bloggers user either WordPress or Blogger to host their blog, and on both of these sites you can follow blogs in-house (other blogs using the same hosting platform.) Along with this, get yourself on Bloglovin – it’s really easy to set up and allows you to follow blogs on any platform, provided they’re also on Bloglovin. Most of us are! Again, follow relevant blogs, communicate and be active! All your posts are uploaded to Bloglovin when you have an account, so it’s really easy to use without too much work. Link different ways to follow your blog in the sidebar and/or at the end of your blog posts.

6 – Reply to comments and be interactive
When people visit your blog and decide to tell you they love something or start a conversation, always always reply! Obviously this would become impossible if your blog reaches hundreds of comments a day, but before that point it’s really important to be involved. This will make people generally like you more and be more likely to follow you and stay updated! A lot of bloggers end posts with a question or slip some questions into the post, as it gives people more of a reason to comment too.

7 – Be passionate, and varied
Probably the main point is to write about what you’re passionate about. We all know this shows in writing, so your content will likely be lots more exciting for followers when you actually care about what you’re talking about! Along with this, I would personally say be varied. Maybe this doesn’t go for everyone, but review after review of products probably won’t draw too many people in! You can absolutely stay within the same industry, but maybe have sub-categories. I am primarily a beauty blogger and as you can see – my beauty section has a drop down with a good few different sub-sections. I would also say, don’t feel too tied down to your industry. You might primarily write about fashion, but if you want to talk about your holiday, have a rant/chat or write a recipe then do it! It’s your blog! If you do this fairly un-often and wouldn’t make whole categories on different areas, I would add a little ‘odds and sodds’ section to your blog to group this.

8 – Have goals
As with anything in life, it’s a lot easier to achieve goals when you set them – and set them realistically! If you start a blog and have a goal of 50,000 people in mind or just want to be huge, you’ll probably give up along the way. If you set realistic targets – 1000 or so in your first year etc etc, you’ll have more of a drive to meet them and you’ll likely feel better about smaller achievements when you do. Change your goals in regards to how your blog is doing – they will develop and vary as you do. It’s nice to write these down so grab a cute little planner or notebook!

Do you have anything to add?

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  1. 01/08/2017 / 8:33 AM

    I’ve just started blogging, This post was super informative and helpful. Great content! looking forward to more.?

  2. 15/02/2017 / 11:28 PM

    Thanks for this! I feel like every post I have read about blog growth all say the same things! You gave tips I haven’t heard before.

  3. 16/08/2016 / 2:38 PM

    I do like and appreciate the advice. U sound knowledgeable.

    • Emma
      16/08/2016 / 3:52 PM

      Thank you 🙂 x

  4. 16/08/2016 / 2:19 PM

    These are some great tips! I just started my blog and I’m constantly checking all my other social media and trying to stay active. Keeping up with what’s going to get my readers interested and wanting to come back is the trickiest for me.

    • Emma
      16/08/2016 / 3:51 PM

      Ooh yay, I’m gunna come and have a look at your blog now!
      It can definitely be hard, I just tend to go with what I would want to read and hope it works haha! You can see your most popular posts in your dashboard though so it’s easy to detect what readers read most!xxx

      • 16/08/2016 / 7:42 PM

        Yes if you have tips please email me or just comment. Any help or guidance would be grateful.

  5. 15/08/2016 / 7:51 PM

    Great post, girl. Visiting other blogs frequently and interacting with other bloggers definitely boosts viewership as well as blogging inspiration!

    • Emma
      16/08/2016 / 3:49 PM

      Definitely! Thanks for your comment beaut xxx

  6. craigdouglis3
    15/08/2016 / 4:41 PM

    This post was so inspiring it’s really helped me out being a small time blogger I often have no idea what I am doing so thank you so much <3


    • Emma
      16/08/2016 / 3:48 PM

      That’s so kind! Thank you so so so much!xxx

  7. 14/08/2016 / 9:19 PM

    Thank you! That was so helpful, I’ll definitely have to get more involved

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 10:55 PM

      Aw I’m so glad! Thank you so much beauty!xxx

  8. 14/08/2016 / 6:37 PM

    Thank you a lot for this article. I just started, and I am begining to realise how hard it is to get people to read what you write – or even just to see the site :/ I am now reading about how to get the blog going, once it is made. Your entry gives some great advice

    Take care,

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 11:03 PM

      Thanks so much for your kind words – it can be hard work getting your blog out there but there are definitely some things which will help. Gunna have a look at your blog now beaut!xxx

  9. 13/08/2016 / 2:48 AM

    These are really great tips and I agree with all of them! I found that interacting with fellow bloggers by reading and commenting on their work was one of the most effective ways to get my blog out there. 🙂

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 10:58 PM

      Thanks beaut! It’s definitely a great way to get it out there to begin with as you’re personally pulling people in! Thanks for your comment lovely xxx

  10. 13/08/2016 / 2:06 AM

    Hello, I find you site very informational and classy! I thank you for the helpful information, I just signed up with Bloglovin and sent in my request for Bloggers hangout.I was wondering how was I going to get myself out there and BOOM you provided information for me. I am taking baby steps but I’ll get the hang of it!

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 10:59 PM

      Aw thank you so much! 🙂 you definitely will, I’m coming over to have a look at your blog now 🙂 xxx

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 10:59 PM

      Thanks beaut!❤️Xxx

  11. 12/08/2016 / 5:20 PM

    Great advice! I’m trying to increase my readership and get them more involved, and I think all of your suggestions will really help!

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 11:00 PM

      Aw I’m so glad! Thank you for your comment 🙂 xxx

    • Emma
      14/08/2016 / 11:00 PM

      Aw thank you so much!! Sadly I can’t take credit for the desk though- one day it will look like this! 😉 xxx

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