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Paul Mitchell is a brand I’ve recently been introduced to – with a hair care range suiting copious different hair needs. I’ve been dying my hair forever; when I was little I had the blondest hair, so when it started to turn into that mousey brown/dirty blonde colour in my teens I wanted to get it back to the way it always had been. Since then I’ve been dying my hair every few months, so I wanted to try the ultimate colour repair range* from Paul Mitchell to see what it could do for me! Along with this I was sent a gorgeous detangler* which was 10000% needed and necessary for the slightly unruly mane of mine!


First up, the detangler is insanee. I have to spray it lightly around my hair as it does leave a residue, but light volumes make your hair like silk to brush through! The small amount of residue with a light hand actually feels like it does my hair a favour too – feeling more full of moisture and giving a beautiful shine. (Which I think is hard to get with blonde hair!)  You can buy this for £13.25 here.


I think this triple rescue heat protection spray has to be the star of the show for me. You have to really shake this up before use as there are two parts of this product that separate without shaking – the top protecting against heat that can particularly damage coloured hair, and the bottom contains quinoa to condition, leaving hair “healthy, shiny and vibrant.”  I really really love this. It sprays on like quite a thick liquid; dispersed well, but as soon as I’ve used a hair dryer or straighteners on it disappears, leaving a gorgeous soft shine to my hair that I often find hard to achieve! I will definitely be buying this again as soon as it ends because it’s absolutely the best heat protection spray I’ve ever come across! This little gem costs £17.95.



I also tried out the ultimate colour repair shampoo and conditioner, which are also really lovely. I love the funky vibrant packaging and I really like how different the bottles are from each other. (I swear I get my shampoos and conditioners mixed up half the time because the bottles are generally so similar haha!) The shampoo feels relatively cleansing and lathers up really really well which is something I always look for. I feel like a good lather means the shampoo reaches more of your hair through using less product.

IMG_5573 (1)

Finally, the conditioner is so moisturising and hydrating – also leaving my hair easy to brush through after washing. You definitely need to work a little harder and rinsing out this product as I swear it sticks to your hair like glue, but once you’ve done this you’re left with super soft hydrated hair – so if you can spend a little more time washing this out than I would definitely say it’s worth it! I would easily vouch for this product preventing breakage in hair as your hair drinks it all up! (Including shea butter, jojoba and soybean oils!) If you have particularly dry or frizzy hair I think this product would work absolute wonders! As with the shampoo, you can buy this for £17.50. You can shop the whole ultimate colour repair range here.

Overall I love this brand and I’m so happy to have been introduced to them and to have tried out some gorgeous products! You’re definitely spending more than you would with the average hair range on these products, but I think they’re more than worth it! Whether that’s your everyday budget or something you would just buy to use for special occasions, I feel like everyone would benefit from at least one of these bottles in their cupboard! See all the product Paul Mitchell has to offer here.

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