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Hello you lovelies! So last month I wrote about an exciting food subscription box – Desgustabox, for the first time. (See the post here,) I was so excited and thrilled with the box that I couldn’t wait to show you my second*! As a huge food addict not many deliveries can excite me as much as this – a huge parcel packed with some amazing treats and hidden gems delivered to my door every month! Let me show you hat July’s box included…


I had no idea at all what I was getting this month – but the box included so many amazing things! Some things slightly scare me when it comes to trying them out (seaweed thins *ahem*) but I love that about Degustabox, it shows you things you would probably never reach for!



There were soo many drinks included in this box which I looove. Water’s all well and good and you should absolutely drink buckets as much as you can – but I love nothing more than a refreshing sparkly cold drink running down my throat on a hot summers day! So the three bottles are; exposed aloe vera & honey – I have to say I really wasn’t fond of this, the flavour was very very sweet and there were lots of bits of floating aloe vera gel in the drink – which felt very odd! Not to my taste but it was good to try out! Next up was rejuvenation water – Spanish orange flavour. I really liked this, it was like a slightly healthier squash and was so refreshing to have straight out of the fridge. The last bottle was a big carton of ‘The Cracker Drinks co’ pineapple coconut and lime fruit juice drink. I stuck this in the fridge for everyone to dig into and it’s being quickly devoured!

The three cans are Berrywhites sparkling lemon and ginger (one for my sister!), sparkling cucumber water – which is amaaaazing, and finally Berrywhites sparkling cranberry and guava. I love the strange flavour combinations, and I have to say these have been appreciated a ridiculous amount given the heat we’re (finally!) getting here.


Sarsons new balsamic vinegar was included in this box, which will be full of deliciousness on summer salads. I also got a jar of gherkins which I have never actually tried – I’ve just decided I don’t like them because no one does I think haha! I will give these a go, but otherwise I know someone in the house will eat them up.


I adore these Bahlsen chocolate biscuits, and four packets of the travel versions were included. These would definitely be soso easy to bring out and about and I can’t wait to eat my (last – oops!) packet. Finally there were two packets of itsu crispy seaweed thins. On the little flyer included this box, it showed to eat these like crackers and put things like cheese on top – I’ll definitely be trying this out – I may be kinda scared for it but I’m also excited to see what it’s like!




I think these two were the most exciting things for me! So I can’t actually eat fruit pastilles as they contain gelatine and I’m a veggie, but I think the flavour combinations look incredible! My boyfriend ate these for me (no protest – shock!) and said they were really good! I also got to try brookside dark chocolate acai and bluberry bites – how good do they look!? I’m usually not a dark chocolate kind of girl, and although these were really rich they were really yumy and I’d happily have them again.


A couple of years ago Walkers decided to make all their meat flavour crisps not vegetarian – they never actually contained real meat until recently! This quite pissed me off as it took away a load of the yummiest flavours for me – but luckily a good few other brands are still veggie! One of these brands is Seabrook, with their chicken jalfrezi lattice crisps. I got to eat barely any of these as if you put food downstairs in my house it’s a free-for-all! But I think that shows how good they were – and I really enjoyed the couple I did manage to nab!


Finally, I’m so happy with my huge bag of muesli! I don’t buy this often enough but always really enjoy it, so I know this will kick start me into buying it more and more again! I’m hoping this will make me start to be a bit healthier too this summer – I did really well at the beginning of the year, but recently I’ve gone back to my old habits of dominos for dinner every night haha!

As with last month, I am really really happy with Degustabox! I think the variety of food is incredible and for only £12.99 a month (including delivery, cancel at any time,) this is something everyone should try! For all bloggers, get a ridiculous £7 off using the code ‘BLDEG15 – meaning you can get one of these boxes for £5.99 – that is crazayy. Now excuse me while I stuff my chops.

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