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I have left the biggest gap between blogs since I started blogging I think – eeeeek. My life has been a bit weird and hectic with the huuuge change of moving to the Uni of Sussex – in the most stunning place in the world, Brighton! I moved on the 10th of September, but I was sorting things out for zonks before and honestly I still am; so do excuse the absence of anything exciting here recently, I’ll get on turning it around. (There’s not really an excuse as there is a lott to write about living here!)

Being a stubborn sod I didn’t want my family, boyfriend or anyone moving me into uni – even though they all wanted to come. I just thought it would make it such an emotional experience and actually make it harder for me – because even though I knew I was so ready for uni (I’m here two years late!) just the thought of the emotional goodbyes stressed me out. In the end they all did come though – maybe I’m not that stubborn 😉 – and having everyone help me carry things did help it all run smoothly to be fair! Most of my flat mates hadn’t moved in yet so we unpacked everything and then went out to grab some food in Brighton.

The goodbyes did get me teary – it’s literally just the fact it’s supposed to be a sad thing – the stigma around it was making me sad. (I knew I was going to see them all literally within the next two weeks so it was hardly a goodbye for long haha!) Over the next couple of days; between meeting some lovely people and getting up to freshers antics, I worked on making my room more homely. The dorm I’m in is actually really good considering the standards between other unis and the other dorms here, but it’s still very plain and really quite unhomely without decorations and touches of home. Here are some of the things (which I will 100% keep adding to over the next year,) that I did with the place!


By far my favourite thing (and definitely not my idea – thank you Pinterest!) I have the cutest fairy lights and photos behind my bed! The polaroid style photos are all from Lalalab (check out my post here for a discount code!) and I got the cutest butterfly and heart wooden pegs from Amazon. I also ordered some gorgeous lantern style fairy lights, but seeing as they didn’t come in time I stole some Christmas lights from the attic back home.



I am a huge cacti lover – which is probably really sad, but they just make me so happy, they’re so fricken jazzy being all spiky and sassy. 😉 My sister Laura bought me a set of three from Ikea and they’re sat on my shelves along with a cute Iceland picture of the family, a Primark candle which smells insaneee (and I’m not allowed to light here… we’ll see what happens…) a lil’ boat (when by the sea,) and another Ikea plant.



My mum bought me my Finding Dory Hank toy as a leaving present, and he’s sat with a bottle of Archers currently. He was loving life with a bottle of Rosé to begin with but honestly that didn’t last very long – I’ll buy him another!

Craig and Bert the birds were birthday presents – I knew I’d be taking them along to Brighton since I was gifted them!


A comfy cosy bed was definitely the most important thing for me when moving away – so I went to Home sense to get a pillow and the blanket – which is the fluffiest thing in the whole world, nothing is softer, nothing! The black pillow was in a pack for two for only £6 from Primark – how good is that(!?) and the sheets are Ikea. Orion the Orangutan was given to me for my birthday by my boyfriend and he’s here too. (I also have an agreement with my boyfriend for him to leave me a new hoodie every time he comes down – cossyyyyy.)

I also have a big pin board next to my bed where I have a load of polaroids pinned up, along with this map which is one of my favourite things. I think it’s genuinely so important when moving somewhere new to have comforting things around you to get you used to it and make you feel good about being there! I love my little details and know I’ll be adding a bucket load more through till next summer. (It’s gunna be a pain moving it all out though haha!)

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  1. 24/09/2016 / 5:52 PM

    Your room looks awesome! Enjoy uni

  2. 23/09/2016 / 6:43 PM

    Congrats on moving into uni!! Love your simple dorm decor – especially Hank from Finding Dory! 🙂


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