Degustabox #4


Degustabox time has rolled back around quicker than ever as I’ve been moving out for uni, and time has been quite literally whizzing by! As always Degustabox* is one of my favourite deliveries of the month – especially now I’m at uni living the poor student life 😉 (the food is quite necessary!) In this months box we have…


I have seen metclafe’s everywhere but never actually had one – which is mental because how delicious does this popcorn thin look!? Popcorn and chocolate? Don’t mind if I doooo. A ‘Get Fruity’ bar was also included – I got the mango one which is 100% the one I would have chosen so happy bunny Emma.


For those who don’t know, chia seeds are little back & white seeds you add to food for nutrition – “packed with omega 3, fibre and potein.” With the rise of the health conscious and health foods, I personally find it difficult to know what to try and what’s worth the hype. I will fill you in on how these go down! They’re supposed to have a really subtle flavour, so considering they’re really good for you this may just be a winner.


Four jellies were added to this box, which I don’t really eat so will probably be dishing out. The little pots are cuteee and the range of flavours are food – if you’re a jelly lover. 😉


I think this is the best packaging in the world, I want bed sheets like this! (I actually have bed sheets quite like this haha!) Banana crisps for life. 😉


“Natural as bread, tasty as chips.” I think this brand is really cute because just look as those bullet points, quirky brands are definitely the best!


These are fricken delicious! I had a pizza night with a friend at uni who had the peach and lychee one (I had the other) and we both loved them! They’re made with rooibos (no idea,) tea, fruit juice and added vitamins. Nomnomnom.


I really like the concept of this drink, add a dash of this ‘sirop’ to water (like squash) for a fruity buzzzz.


Any pasta makes me happy, and sometimes you just need a quick convenience meal! (Although I doubt this would fill me up on its own – definitely needs something on the side haha!) Mushroom and cream sauce is a huuuge winner for pasta!


Three cans of beans were also included, which I will definitely be using at uni to combine with sauces & veg!

For only £12.99 a month (including delivery, cancel at any time,) you get to try out a good few brands and definitely get your moneys worth! For all bloggers, get a ridiculous £7 off using the code ‘BLDEG15 – meaning you can get one of these boxes for £5.99 – that is crazayy. Now excuse me while I stuff my chops, again. 😉

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