Did you know? Bobby pins!


Hello you gorgeous lot, welcome to the shortest, most random and probably quite unnecessary post you’ve ever seen! Literally only a couple of days ago I realised I’ve been using hair slides (or bobby pins as most people call them,) all frickennn wrong. These little ninja-hiders are so simple and therefore should be self explanatory and easy to use – you would think – but seeing as I’ve been using them the wrong way round for the entirety of my life I figured maybe some other people are also doing the same thing.

I’ve always been using the straight side against my head – I guess because when you just look at them it looks like the opening is that way round, as the other side points upwards and you *would think* that’s how they hold the hair, but to get a good grip against your head, the jagged side should be against your scalp – it makes it stay there all day.


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  1. Mary Gardner
    16/02/2017 / 7:48 PM

    I am one of those using them wrong I guess. I can’t wait to try the right way!

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