DIY Halloween chocolate slabs


These bad boys are the tastiest things in the world! I had (and have,) a ridiculous amount of chocolate and sweets in the house; and I’m not one of those weird people that has five bars and thinks they’ve gone crazy, no, I literally have hoards of the stuff. Due to this, me and my boyfriend thought we’d get creative and make some DIY Halloweeny slabs – it’s a good way to play with what you have and get creative!


To start we picked out a load of stuff we might want to include, not necessarily choosing what went well together but more so keeping it varied and Halloween themed. I did buy the white chocolate to drizzle over the top (which did not end up working,) but everything else we had sat at home!


Next we grabbed a loaf tin each (but I’ll probably grab a bigger one next time – the more the merrier 😉 ) and lined them with tin foil. You should really do this with baking paper as it’s a lot easier to peel off, but I was all out. We then crushed up crunchie pieces and maltesers so they’d be inside the chocolate.



After melting the galaxy bar, we pored it over our chocolate and smoothed out. (At this point I tried to melt the white chocolate to marble together but managed to burn it in the microwave – I was too lazy to fill another pan of water haha!)



With the chocolate still runny, we piped orange icing over the top and started with our decorations.


I went for traditional Halloween colours and Jack crumbled a load of maltesers, sweets and more icing sugar over the top of his. We put these in the fridge and checked on them about half an hour later (they probably don’t need this long!) when they were ready to eat. They taste sooooo good!


I definitely want to do some Christmassy versions of these in a month or so because they’re so much fun to make – and eat!

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