Degustabox #5


It’s time agaaaain! I don’t need to even say how excited I get about this subscription box anymore.. Degustabox* always offers a huge variety of nibbles, ingredients and drinks – often brands you’ve never heard of mixed in with ones you know and love. I genuinely love the concept of this, as honestly, when I’m out shopping in Sainsburys I tend to stick to what I know in almost every area but chocolate (I do try new chocolate hahahaha!) I love being introduced to new things and this box has shown me some seriously good brands so far which I have already started repurchasing!


You gotta love a good food flatlay – I’m getting so hungry writing this post haha; not sure I can make it to the end without having a snack. Fooooooooood.


To start, I was given these chocolate brioche rolls. I knew I would love these and they definitely live up to my pre conceptions. I’ve tried them both hot and cold; when they’re cold the chocolate in the middle is just like and actual chocolate bar which I really like, and when they’re warm the chocolate’s all melty and gooey – both ways are yummmyyy. These cost £1.40 for 4.


I was so happy to see these; look how cute they are! I’d already spotted them in the supermarket before receiving this box (along with peppa pig versions) and thought they were so sweet. I know this is aimed entirely at kids but I am a sucker when it comes to themed stuff and Disney so I will be devouring these! I will definitely chop some mushrooms and aubergines for the sauce but I will enjoy these just as much as the average five year old, trust. 😉 The pasta costs £1.19 and the sauce £1.55.


Okay so I’m really not a fan of these at all, they smell weird and taste bland – not my fave! I think I could only tolerate these with a seriously strong dip, but I won’t be looking for these in the supermarket.


I didn’t think I was a big fan of dates before trying these but they’re really tasty, natural and healthy – definitely one I’ll be rebuying! They actually taste quite unhealthy like you’re digging into sweets but that’s always an upside when they’re secretly really good for you!


Chocolate and chocolate spread is always well received! There’s 83% less sugar in the spread and still tastes really yummy – so definitely one I’ll be buying in place of my usual. As far as Hershey’s goes, I’m not the biggest fan in the world, but my boyfriend ate this all in a heartbeat and most people really love the stuff!


I am a soup person through and through – especially with the newly arrived cold weather! I gave my boyfriend the left as I don’t eat meet and I went for the green one; these soups say they’re really high in protein and keep you fuller for longer. I do actually stay full for a long time after meals recently so I don’t think that part affected my any differently, but if they live up to that for everyone they’d definitely make a fab lunch! These soups are £1.49 each – which is actually a bit cheaper than the ones I’m used to, and they last a good while longer.


Since being at uni I do reach for ready meals more often – I’ve been pretty good at cooking most of the time, but sometimes all you need is a quick and easy, cheap meal to tide you over. I was really happy to see the noodles included due to this; they’re just as quick but are made with a lot more natural ingredients which I love! They cost £1.39 each. I’ll be using Levi Roots’ BBQ sauce over a load of tofu in the coming weeks – I’ll let you know how it goes but I definitely expect great things!

For only £12.99 a month (including delivery, cancel at any time,) you get to try out a good few brands and definitely get your moneys worth! For all bloggers, get a ridiculous £7 off using the code ‘D6517 – meaning you can get one of these boxes for £5.99. I literally am off to make some food now.

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