The best advent calendars of 2016!


Beauty advent calendars have been growing year upon year – seriously, the amount of option there is this year is just insane and makes me want them allllll! I thought I’d put together a post of all the calendars I most have my eye on – which honestly is all of them but I guess these are the best of the bunch to me! I’ve tried a few different beauty calendars throughout the last couple of years and had mixed feelings. For example, my Tanya Burr calendar last year was am-amaaazing, I managed to get it half price but I still would have loved every part for the full RRP to be honest. Amongst others, I’ve also tried a Benefit calendar before and been so disappointed! I believe I paid £60, and considering that whopper of a price tag, all the products were tiny minis (verging on sample sizes,) and it just didn’t live up to standards – not cool. With a little bit of experience behind my belt and an eye for all things pretty, here is my round up:

  1. ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar | £50.00
    I definitely want to get my little mitts on this one this year. £50 is a huge price tag for an advent calendar, but with a student discount (and the promotions ASOS run all. the. timeee,) it will cost me a max of £45; every little helps and all! All of the products are minis although have a good range of sizes – some of which are really generous. This calendar includes a range of brands from high street to more expensive, which I really love. It says the contents are worth £175.
  2. Tanya Burr 12 day Beauty Calendar | £25 (£15)
    This calendar has been on offer for zonks so far so snatch it for £15 while you still can! I had the Tanya Burr calendar last year, as mentioned, and loved it so much! The products are slightly smaller than those you can buy, however all the sizes are still really generous and let you get lots of wear out of them! There’s a good mixture between the range Tanya has out which I really love.
  3. Makeup Revolution Beauty Calendar | £40 (£25)
    Maybe Superdrug just use deals to make you think you’re getting a bargain, but the whole plan was to price them for the smaller amount in the first place? Whatever the reasoning, you do feel like you’re getting an epic deal when the calendars are this well discounted.
  4. Kiehl’s Calendar | £95
    Ridiculously expensive I know, all travel sized – but actually quite generous compared with other high end brands! Kiehl’s is a brand I’ve only tried a couple of times but loved – and heard such great things about. I feel like this calendar would show a good all-round of what the brand can do and what the products are like as a whole. I really want to get my hands on this one but it keeps going out of stock. Fingers crossed!
  5. The Body Shop 24 Happy Days | £60
    I have always wanted a Body Shop advent calendar but never forked out because for the body shop, it feels really expensive! I think it’s down to the amount of deals the body shop have, you can get products so cheap all the time that it just feels like a lot of money. With that being said, £60 (the cheapest calendar they offer,) for 24 products ranging from bath and beauty – some reusable like eyelash curlers is definitely worth it, I just haven’t got my head round it quite yet! 😉
  6. Ghost 12 Days Fragrance Calendar | £25
    I think this calendar is one of the prettiest, I absolutely love the pink and the cute little doors. This gem brings you 12 ghost fragrances – if you know it’s a brand you’ll love (I do!) then it’s 100% worth it!
  7. NYX Wanderlust Calendar | £60
    Need need need need need neeeeeeeeed. I first tried NYX a few months ago, and genuinely I love every single thing I’ve tried! I really want to get my hands of this one – regardless of the price – to try some more NYX products. (It includes 12 of the coveted lip creams and 12 shadows.)
  8. Feel Unique Magic of Beauty | £30
    This calendar looks so pretty; and I love the mix of brands! There are 12 treats in this calendar, ranging from high street to high end. This calendar also brings a mix of makeup, haircare and skincare.

Have you got your eye on any this year?

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