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Look at this holiday set!! It’s definitely the best I have seen so far for 2016 – eeeek! Too Faced did a similar set to this last year, which I wanted so badly but never got my greedy little mitts on! When I saw there was an equally beautiful set of eyeshadow palettes out this year, I knew it was something I would have to buy. I didn’t even add this to a Christmas list, I bought it as soon as it became available online. (I missed the first release but managed to nab the second, this has been going in and out of stock regularly so keep an eye out.) This set cost £46 and you can (try) and buy it here or here. This set boasts three Christmas-coffee scents, Christmas at Starbucks has met it’s makeup match and I am pretty darn happy with this!



This set comes in the most stunning retro café themed box, with three Christmassy palettes inside, along with a small version of the better than sex mascara. I’ve got the box up on display because it’s just so cute and Christmassy!


Each palette is decorated with themes of the inside scent – and each one is so fricken cute. My favourite from the outside is probably peppermint mocha! They’re the perfect little book size and really lightweight as they’re not metal – they’ll definitely be great for travelling.


I will definitely get the most wear out of gingerbread cookie; as a huge lover of a nude natural eye I think this will look beautiful year-round. This one smells chocolatey with hint of gingerbread which is really gorgeous. The gingersnap eyeshadow draws my eye the most from this palette, and I’ll probably wear the shade gingerbread as both a bronzer and shadow.


I love the girly shades throughout this palette – although I definitely have to be light handed with the blush shade. Look at the shade sprinkles! I don’t own one quite like it and I am in looooove. This scent is slightly more low key but if you put your nose up to it you can definitely get the peppermint scent.


I looove the names of all the shades in this one – sososoo cute. The peachy shade is definitely a more wearable blush for me and I really like the greeny central perk colour. I know a lot of people don’t like finding the colours they usually avoid in palettes but unless it’s a straight-out offensive colour ( 😉 ) I really like being given the opportunity to try out new shades, mixed in with ones I know I will love!

This set also comes with a little leaflet that has some cute shadow ideas – I usually disregard these but some of the ideas are really cute so I’ll definitely be experimenting. What do you think? Would you buy this set? Too Faced also have some other stunning sets in their Christmas range so be sure to check them out!

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