Florida & Disney haul!


I fricken (had to rewrite that word lel,) loooove all things Disney! When my family went on holiday there recently I (voluntarily,) stayed home to look after my cats – two of them need daily meds and I wanted to be the one to do it to stress them out as little possible – bless. My family then went overboard and bought me a whole load of amaaaazing things! I literally love everything they brought me back – I haven’t ever had a bath and body works candle but always swooned over them – now I have six, along with some Sephora and Disney things woooooo!



To start with bath and body works, I was given a beautiful autumnal pumpkin holder – for the large three week jars. The big candles I have are the scent Autumn; which is really fresh and crisp, and sweater weather. I saw this talked about in a Zoella video before and she described this as smelling like a ‘sexy man.’ She was definitely right here – it’s quite a deep, aftershave-like scent which is sooo lovely; masculine enough that it’s definitely not a smell I would wear, but will love walking around and smelling in my house!

The three little candles are frosted cranberry – which is so Christmassy, caramel pumpkin swirl which actually smells edible it is so gooooood(!) and fresh balsam which smells really woody/grassy – like pine trees at Christmas. Vanilla pumpkin marshmallow smells like a mix between Yankee Candle’s snowflake cookie and Christmas cookie. I think all of these candles are perfect and the second my current raging cold disappears I’ll be lighting them all!




I was also given a whole bunch of makeup – including the most beautiful brush from Sephora. How stunning is that pattern? I tried my first Sephora face masks after my trip to Milan this year and really loved them, so I was really thrilled to be given two more! I haven’t tried the orchid version yet so I’ll be doing so soon. EOS lip balms are always in my hand bag, and although they last for ages I’m almost out of my first batch of five, so the two new additions to the family are definitely welcome. 😉 I’m really excited to try out the coconut milk one – it smells lovely.



On the way to America my family stopped off in Canada to see the Niagara falls, and on the way back changed over in Washington; hence the first two tops. From Disney they bought me the thing 2 top – my older sister has thing 1 and my little sister has thing 3 – cute!


From Macy’s I have a zebra (my favourite animal throughout my childhood,) tree decoration. The minion pins now join a collection waiting to be stuck on a pin board. (My little sister has a stunning one from the white company so I’ll be looking at that when I move out next year.) I bought this Mickey pen when we first went to Florida approximately 134582 years ago, so pretty snazz-ayy having another.

What do you think? I’m so happy with everything I was given and cannot wait to dig into all the makeup and candles!

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  1. 31/07/2017 / 8:11 AM

    I absolutely adore bath and body works candles! Whenever I go to the USA I bring an extra case just to put candles in ??… may have a slight obsession ??

  2. 30/11/2016 / 4:08 PM

    I just picked up the Sephora brush and I love it!

  3. 30/11/2016 / 3:56 AM

    Love this haul! You can’t go wrong with anything disney! And Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite, especially during the holidays.


  4. 30/11/2016 / 3:12 AM

    Nice haul! FYI though, the Thing 1 shirt, Minions pins and Duff Beer thing are from Universal, not Disney.

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