Iceland 2016 | Part 1


Hello! So this was my second time in Iceland – I actually just read through my posts about last years trip which was really cute. Iceland is such a beautiful place, which I know we all agree on because it’s on everyone’s bucket lists! The reason I love Iceland so much is because it’s so naturally stunning. You go for the nature which is amazing because *most* of the things we do on a lot of holidays are purpose-built attractions. I stayed in downtown Reykjavik for five days with my boyfriend Jack this time round and has such an amazing time with him – here is what we did!

On the Monday we left at THREE AM which was just nasty – given a lift to London Luton by my dad. The journey to the airport was quicker than we thought and really easy, so getting there relatively early we got some food and waited (for a while!) for the flight.


I had the best flight in a while as there was a free seat next to me! Me and Jack slept pretty much the whole three hour flight which made it pass by so quickly.


Hey Jack. 😉 We picked up our car from the airport and headed into Reykjavik – Jack taking the wheel first. I found it really weird driving on the wrong side of the road and driving an automatic for the first time! (I say driving on the other side of the road but we both forgot to at one point. 😉 )


Doesn’t this picture look like I’ve just stalked some poor guys!? I feel like I should do a face blur or something hahhahhaa. When we got into Reykjavik we had a meal in the newly opened Hard Rock Café – it’s always a welcoming place with a good vibe and a safe bet if you don’t want to take a risk on food and eat something you know you’ll love! We had a lovely meal here and then checked into our hotel.




Our hotel room was huge with a kitchenette, tv and massive bed – which was pretty impossible to get Jack out of in the mornings! I absolutely loved the bathroom which was pebbled the whole way round, floor to ceiling. (Although it did get very wet each time we had a shower and we would have to tiptoe round to the only dry parts haha!)


After a long day of travelling we had a little explore..


Had some drinks; starting at the hard rock so I could get an obligatory cocktail glass.


And ending up on the third floor of a lovely pub which was 100000x cheaper!

Day two was essentially a huge road trip – which was so fricken tiring but really enjoyable, and we saw my favourite thing on this day! We headed out to Vik, a little coastal village (well they all are in Iceland as the mountains are too cold to live in,) home to the black sand beach!




On the way we literally bumped into a gorgeous waterfall – well Jack was the one who really saw it! He was pointing it out like “there’s a waterfall look!” and I pretty much said it clearly was a statue hahahaha. I’m glad he was right though because this was beautiful!


We headed on with the car to the black sand beach, which genuinely was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen! The tide kept coming in and out so far which perfectly washed away all the footprints and made it look untouched and beautiful. The waves were roaring and crashing around as if we were in the middle of a huge storm, but although cloudy, the sky was completely still. It was all so weird and unlike anything I’d ever experienced, but I loved every second of it!


After driving a bit further East debating whether to wait there for the Northern lights, we came back to Reykjavik and ate some pizza in my family’s favourite Icelandic restaurant! We headed out for the Northern lights for hours after this and didn’t see a thing – it was mainly cloudy which would make it hard anyway, but they also just didn’t come out. (Spoiler, they didn’t come out for us the whole time we were away – for the second year in a row! Booo!)

Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. Nancy
    16/02/2017 / 6:37 PM

    What an interesting destination! Looks like you had a great start to your trip.

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