Iceland 2016 | Part 2


Read my Iceland part one post here! To carry on with the five day holiday, we decided to make our Wednesday a day full of relaxing at the Blue Lagoon. We pretty literally spent the whole day here – seeing it lit up with the sun through to darkness. I have been here before, but it was definitely just as good the second time around! We lazed, had a few drinks, lazed around again, got a bite to eat, and lazed around, again!






After pretty much a full day we headed off for food and Northern lights spotting.. (Where again, we saw nothing!)


We both had quesadillas; which neither of us had had before. Oh myy goodness they were so yummy! (And way too filling – but delicious!)




We spent Thursday on the Golden Circle tour. I did this last year also and although I had the best time ever, it’s definitely something one time can content you with. That being said, Jack hadn’t done it before and it’s such a good day out crammed full of so much stuff that I wanted him to experience it! We started in a national park…


Next we visited the huge waterfall called Gulfoss. There’s a lovely story behind this waterfall which I won’t go in to but you should look it up!


Last time the bit leading right to the waterfall was also closed, but this time loads of people were being top rebels and going right down there. It probably wasn’t the safest thing to do but after a bit of persuading from rebel Jack we headed down to see it from an up close angle.


I’m really glad we did though because it really was stunning so close. Some people were taking it a little too far and going past the roped bits which clearly wasn’t safe eeeeek, but we didn’t risk our lives too much haha! :’)




By the time we left a police car had shown up so maybe we just missed the repercussions! 😉




We stopped off at a geyser, watched a few explosions, took some videos and selfies and then went for food. (Some of the selfies are hilarious! You have no idea when the water is going to explode so me and Jack were stood with our backs to the geyser waiting to take speedy snaps when it shot up.. I managed to smile just in time but Jack took about 30 photos of him looking gormed out where he was focusing on taking it and forgot to smile hahahahahahahahah.)


We stopped at a horsey place before heading back to Reykjavik – where we managed to get an Icelandic parking ticket!


On our last day we baked the baguettes we bought to eat but didn’t, and went down to feed them to the most beautiful ducks, swans and seagulls. My god they were so sweet!



The ducks particularly were so friendly, they came right up to us and one that took a particular liking to Jack kept nibbling him for more food! It was one of the cutest things I have seen ever! We managed to gather a crowd of bird-feeding watchers as if we were doing some sort of elephant feed at the zoo but oh well, we had fun!



We went to a Viking museum (how much fun does Jack look like he’s having haha!) and went for some food.



Before heading for the airport we went inside and up a church, where we saw some really cute views of Reykjavik. We then, exhaustedly, headed home!

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  1. 07/02/2017 / 10:47 PM

    This looks like a beautiful country and a fun trip. I would love to go to the Blue Lagoon, it looks so relaxing. 🙂

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