A movie night in with butterkist popcorn!


Hello you lovelies! I was so excited to get involved with this as who hasn’t loved Butterkist popcorn since forever!? Bringing a snack I’ve always been fond of and arranging a whole movie night around it just sounded like heaven.. and it was! I tried three new flavours of the popcorn – salted caramel, choco mallow and coconut & raspberry – all of which were seriously delicious – and I finally got to try out now TV which is also awesome! Also included were some face masks, mugs and hot chocolate… One pampering night feat. delicious snacks and good movies here. we. come!





Mmmmmm! I think salted caramel was my favourite flavour altogether as who can resist it!? (And there were two salted caramel packets included so I was definitely a happy bunny!) We put them out, dividing the flavours into the cute little boxes, but once we realised how tasty each flavour was we ended up filling a big bowl with all of them at once – that’s how to do it! 😉


Through mouthfuls of popcorn, we each tried one of the coconut facemasks and made the popcorn flavour hot chocolates which were also provided for us. The face masks smelt delicious and were really easy to clean off at the end – something I find increasingly hard to find. The popcorn hot chocolate was honestly slightly weird for me personally so I ended up ditching it for my favourite whittards hot chocolate; which always always hits the spot. (It is sooo good and there are so many flavour variations!)


It was actually really quite late by the time we managed to get a film on (so excuse the photo quality – I like warmly lit rooms haha!) – but we still powered through two! After looking through soo many movies; now TV really do have a good selection! We started with hot pursuit – featuring Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergara from Modern Family. This was really funny and one I’d had my eye on since seeing the adverts when it was first released.


After some more chat and more snacks (that alone makes it a good night doesn’t it??) we watched Inside Out. I really really love this film – I’d only seen it once but it’s so cute and I really like a good kids film – we all do haha! This is definitely one to watch.

Overall I had such a good night and can’t thank Butterkist enough for such a generous package – you really should go out and try the popcorn flavours as they are divine!

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