Getting Bath and Body Works in the UK!


So I first heard about bath and body works about a year ago now – and at that time I had no idea how best to get hold of the products, so I settled for slightly overpriced hand gels from eBay as it’s all I could justify for the money! I have only recently found the definite best way to get hold of the products, and so I ordered a whole bunch of things! I’m actually a little surprised by how much I love every single scent – I thought there would be one or two that weren’t for me but honestly, each scent has been nailed and I love it all! All of this cost about £35 – which isn’t far off what you would pay in America.

Most of the things I bought are from a Facebook group called ‘Bath and Body Works Fans UK’ – you have to apply to join but I’m sure they accept most people. This group is full of different buyers and sellers – lots of the sellers are flight attendants so pick up products when they’re abroad and sell for a little bit of a profit; but the prices are still 10000x better than any others I’ve found! Sometimes you can get hand gels and minis on eBay for a price not as high as usual – that’s worth browsing every now and then to check. I’ve found the Facebook group to be really reliable as you can see feedback from all the buyers and know which sellers to trust. (Looks like most people have had really good experiences – I definitely have!)


The first things I knew I wanted to get were some Christmas scented hand soaps, after looking through copious available I settled for comfort and joy, Christmas morning and frosted coconut snowball. I didn’t know what any smelt like (although I guess the latter is pretty self explanatory!) But thought they all look really cute to be honest haha. I really love every single one of them, and they have lasted forever! We’ve had comfort and joy in the bathroom for a good few weeks now and it’s still about a third full!


I bought a bundle of hand gels (and since have bought another four!) In the cutest Christmas scents. Between the eight I’ve given a lot out as stocking filler-y presents. They’re so cute, well-priced and smell incredible, so they’re definitely a winner. Out of these scents winter candy apple is my favourite!


I bought a bunch of moisturisers too as I use them most days and was certain they’d smell really good. There’s one not pictured as I gave it to my sister – secret wonderland. Out of all of these watermelon lemonade is the best, I’ll be rebuying this 100%! I was also brought a couple of candles back from America when my family went – they’re on my Florida haul if you want to have a look!

Have you tried Bath and Body Works before?

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    • Emma
      05/01/2017 / 1:01 AM

      Aw thank you! Me too, my favourite of the bunch is definitely watermelon soda – it’s incredible 🙂
      Thanks for the comment beaut!xxx

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