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So I definitely haven’t written anywhere near enough posts this month which makes me so sad because Christmas is 100% my favourite time of year! I wanted to write post after post full of festivities and decorations and Christmas feels, but as with last year, I’ve ended up being so busy that it just hasn’t worked out – I will much more prepared next year I promise. Seeing as I’ve missed out on so many I thought I’d squish a load of the Christmassy things I’ve been up to together, so without further ado…


Right at the beginning of December me and my boyfriend treated ourselves to a couple of Christmas goodies – the gingerbread cupcake was really tasty with an incredible gooey filling, and I had a mint hot chocolate to pair.


For a big part of December I was in Brighton at Uni. I love Brighton but as I’m halls this year, I couldn’t decorate everything and make it full of Christmas which kinda sucks, but we still went out to feel festive!




This included food, fun at the pier, and walks around the beautiful lanes looking for cute Christmas lights and festive feels.


I bought some Christmas goodies including a whole bunch of bath and body works stuff (post coming soon on the whole haul and how to get it without paying extortionate prices in the UK!)



I went to Harry Potter studios for the Hogwarts in the snow event which was really incredible. I have actually been here twice before but they’ve changed things around since I’ve last been (including adding the Hogwarts express!) and decked it out for Christmas – like the Christmas feasts on the great hall tables!


And I just recently got back from Paris where we went to see Disney at Christmas eeeek! (Full post coming soon!)

What Christmas activities have you been doing?

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  1. 22/12/2016 / 6:47 PM

    Ooohhh I have a friend who is a cast member at Disneyland Paris. Can’t wait to read your trip report!

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