What I got for Christmas 2016!


I had a seriously great Christmas, spending half the day with my family and half at my boyfriends (where we played a darts tournament I sucked at and drank a little too much wine,) and I was gifted some really beautiful things! I absolutely love presents – I love giving them, picking specific bits out for people and prettily wrapping them, and I love receiving them – which definitely isn’t a bad thing in my opinion! Someone thinking of you and buying you something – even if it is literally socks, is so special and thoughtful and makes me all warm and fuzzy. I know opinions differ on these sorts of posts but I really like them and wanted to share with you the things I got for Christmas – 2016!


Firstly, makeup! I actually managed to lose the bottom left lipstick on new years which is so annoying because the shade was so pretty – I’ll have to rebuy that one! One of the most exciting things to see was 100% the Kat Von D concealer – it’s so high coverage which is something I don’t find often with liquid concealers, and the tube is pretty generous. I know this doesn’t come cheap but I really love it and know I’ll be repurchasing. The shade range is seriously amazing also – especially for people as pale as me! The Kiehl’s skincare products have made me create a resolution to be persistent and consistent with my skin, I want it to feel pampered and nourished this year.


This picture fills me to the brim with excitement! I am ridiculously obsessed with LUSH – something my friends and family (clearly) know all too well. I was given sooo much of the stuff, and also ordered some bits in the sale – I was number 50,000 in the online queue or something ridiculous, but I managed to eventually get through, and luckily there were some bits left!



I am sooo in love with the white company candle, although a tad gutted as it came without a wick – strange haha! But we’ll swap that soon and I can finally get round to burning it – it smells insanely good. I was so happy to see the Marc Jacobs Daisy minis set also – Daisy is one of my favourite scents in the whole wide world, although I do have to say it doesn’t last on the skin particularly long, nevertheless I can happily keep it topped up with these gorgeous handbag sizes.



I got some really pretty pieces of jewellery from places including Pandora, Olivia Burton and Thomas Sabo. I’ve wanted an Olivia Burton watch for so long and I think this daisy print watch will look so beautiful throughout the warmer months of this year!


The ‘main’ presents of this year was the Philips at home IPL machine and a fitbit. I have used the IPL machine once so far and love it! You may have read on this blog that I went for IPL treatments multiple times throughout 2016 in order to get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all. This was working really well but got a little too pricey and I wanted the option to do it more often, so found a machine that was on offer and had some really good reviews! I will post about this once I’ve been using it long enough to properly review it! I have yet to properly use the fitbit alta but I’m hoping it will make me more active and let me monitor things like sleep quality – exciting!


Along with some other stationery I got the cutest Disney clips and post-it notes, and some more adult colouring books. I really do find them therapeutic to do every now and then and I feel like everyone should try them out!


That Moe makeup bag is too funny, when I move out next year it will definitely have pride of place around my new dressing table set up! I also finally got my hands on a mermaid blanket thanks to a gorgeous friend!


020 013
As I’m moving out next year I got quite a few homey bits – including cushions, plates etc. and the cutest egg cup holders – look at themmmmmm!!!


I got a whole bunch of clothes including a load of funky t-shirts (look at the Simpsons one! I think it’s fricken awesome.)



In my new home I plan on getting this big beautiful pin board from the white company (definitely not copying my sister…) So I was given loads of cute little pins! I now also have four Harry Potter wands – George Weasley’s being the newest addition to the collection. Me and Jack want to have them all for our new home ahha!

I was also given little odd cute bits like DVD’s, books, crafty things etc. One of the most exciting from this bunch was the newest Bates Motel series – you seriously need to watch this if you want a slight mind-f*** intense thriller! I am so grateful for every single thing I was given, my family and friends know me so so well! Did you get anything really special this year?

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