New years resolutions!

I always make resolutions but honestly I rarely stick to them, it gets a quarter way through the year and generally I feel like there’s other things to worry about! This year I’ve chosen resolutions that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and will really benefit me – whether that’s health, well-being or whatever else. I think this will help me stick to them and in some cases, help make lifestyle changes that I’ve probably needed to for a while!

Get in a proper skin care routine. My skin has come a long way since early teen years but every now and then my skin does get problematic. (Only on my face though… my body skin has always been fine!) I was gifted a few Kiehl’s and other skin care products for Christmas so I’m going to try out a new routine every couple of months or something and stick to the one that best suits me.

Drink more water. I recently downloaded an app called ‘plant nanny,’ which allows you to work out exactly how much water you should be drinking daily. On this app you also fill in how many glasses you have had that day and it slowly grows your plant – cute! It worked out I need 11 250ml cups a day, and honestly I probably don’t usually drink half of that! Hopefully this app will help me to be much more healthy with my water intake this year.

Improve my quality of sleep. I recently have taken 278736 hours to get to sleep and then had a pretty crappy sleep after that, so to help me out I want to eat nothing shitty after about seven, and ban technology after nine (that one will be ridiculously hard!) I just think sitting on my phone, laptop or sat watching TV keeps my brain wide awake and makes it so hard to get to sleep!

Save some more cashola! I plan on moving out this year with my boyfriend, so that, kitting out a house, travelling etc etc. needs. money. The world just revolves around money completely – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but can be depressing when there’s so much you want to do! I’m going to *try* and not spend money on things I don’t need for the most-part of this year, and I also want to save every single fiver I accumulate from now on – literally just adding it to a jar. (I saw someone had done this on Facebook and they had so much ahha!) At the end of the year I’ll put it all in my bank to go straight to a savings account for if and when it’s needed.

One second every day! I recently downloaded an app on my phone where you record a second or two of footage every day, and at the end of the year it makes a video of the whole goings on of your year! I absolutely love the thought of this and I can’t way to see the finished result – I just need to make sure I actually remember to film – eeek! The app I have is called 1SE.

Do you have any new year resolutions?


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