January sales shopping!

Sales make me too happy – I definitely get that from my mum, who doesn’t love a bargain? 😉 I didn’t shop till quite last minute and I think I missed quite a lot of the best sales – that being said, I was out on boxing day last year and didn’t grab as much as I thought I would, so seeing as all my shopping was hassle free online this year I’m not complaining! I definitely didn’t need anything after Christmas so I just shopped for the hell of it, so here is my hell of it:

The first and only thing I shopped early for was LUSH. I joined the online boxing day queue and was literally thousands upon thousands in the queue! I really forgot about it and when I checked my phone hours later in the day I was taken through to the website – yaaay! A lot of things were sold out but I managed to get my hands on a fair amount of half price goodness. My mum was in town on boxing day and picked up some more LUSH for me and my sisters too, cutie. My favourite thing from this year is probably luxury LUSH pud, it’s so pink and pretty! I really loved the thought of the northern lights bar and while it smells amazing and looks really pretty, the end result of your bath is a swampy green colour which isn’t my favourite.

From ASOS I got some of my favourite foundations, a new eyebrow pomade seeing as I have mysterious lost my amazing NYX eyerbrow pomade which was my saviour for so long, sad. face. I will have to rebuy that! I also got a couple of sets of elegant touch nails – I can’t wait to wear these ones come spring! (I will definitely use the proper glue though so they don’t just pop off!)

Last but 10000000% not least, I made my first Victoria’s secret purchase. I have bought fragrances etc. in the past but never underwear, and always wanted to try it out! I bought this online – and although it ships from abroad there is no extra customs charge which is fab. Everything was at least half price that I bought, I especially love the main bra at the top – it fits perfectly, is so soft and silky and looks stunning!

Did you buy anything in the sales this year?



  1. 08/02/2017 / 12:22 AM

    Reading this is almost as exciting as buying it myself! Haha. Love all the buys!

  2. 06/02/2017 / 6:11 PM

    Woow nice shopping! I always liked the smells of the lush bath bombs… even though i’m not a bath person.

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