My beauty favourites of 2016

A lot of products were consumed throughout 2016 so I thought I’d give you a round up of my favourite things and special brands. I tend to try loads throughout the year but in all honesty, only a few products make it to my re-buy (again and again) list – these products are usually absolute life savers so I want to share them with you! First up, which obviously isn’t a rebuy kinda product 😉 is the stunning snow queen lipstick tower shown above. This absolute gem is from Vanity Decay and holds 104 lipsticks – it’s a hoarder’s (and a beauty blogger’s) best friend! Vanity Decay also sell makeup holders and smaller lipstick carousels – with the range set to be expanding this year. Exciting and prettyyy things to come!

Favourite lashes and nails:
I first discovered these brands years ago and they haven’t been replaced since; and I have tried copious nails and lashes since. Eylure do it every single time for me when it comes to fake eyelashes. They have so so many lengths, thicknesses etc. to choose from, and they vary from really natural looking to fairly extreme – but never over doing it. The worst thing for me is eyelashes that look so ridiculously fake and cheap – I feel like a hooker! Eylure is definitely a winner and the glue lets them last all day/night (the latter more often!) without budging. Elegant Touch stick on nails also last forever – about two weeks for me; and there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from. (They last forever when using the nail glue or nailene glue – the express nails not so much – I stick these on with the proper glue!) They are also 100000000 times less damaging to your nails than getting them professionally done, and are so much cheaper – I know what I’m choosing!

Favourite face base:
I have bought a ridiculous amount of wake me up foundations throughout 2016. So far, through trying numerous high end and high street brands, this foundation is definitely the one that looks best! It doesn’t cake and lasts fairly long – especially with concealer where needed. It’s on sale fairly often as well so I like to buy a few whenever I see it on special. I have a whole collection of darker foundations for when I’m (fake!) tanned, but they all wear off throughout the day – and as I don’t fake tan my face, I have the opposite of a foundation line. A gross, fake tan, oompa loompa line if you will. The one product that indefinitely stops this from happening is the Bourjois pronzing primer. It does look kinda scary – look at it in relation to my foundation hahahahaa. But I just blob a little of this around my face and blend out, and use foundation on top as normal. This base literally does last all day and I have the weird oompa loompa line no more, yaaay!

For contouring I use an elf moisturing foundation stick in a few shades darker than my skin. I find this really blendable – as you would expect from a foundation stick, which makes it absolutely perfect to contour with. I draw really harsh but thin lines on my cheekbones, around my forehead and down the sides of my nose and blend like a bitch – this is definitely the best thing I’ve found for contouring so far. It looks really pretty with bronzer over the top if you really wanna look like you’ve seen the sun. (Pale girl problems.) I’ve decided since using this I reallllyyy hate powder contour and this is absolutely the way forward!

Lip faves:
As far as lip products go, there is one thing in particular that has been nestled on my lips throughout the entire year. This is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 45 – it’s the absolute perfect pinky brown and it’s so complementary to so many skin tones! Love love looooove. It costs £5.49 and lasted a really long time! Two other – slightly more high-end – brands that I’ve loved are Elizabeth Arden and Charlotte Tilbury. I got my first ever Charlotte Tilbury lipstick (late to the party I know!) in 2016 and the longevity is insane. When it does finally wear off, it does so completely evenly as well which I find so important – I eat a lot throughout the day hahaa!

Eye saviours:
As always, Too Faced and Urban Decay absolutely smashed the eyeshadow game in 2016! Every eyeshadow I’ve tried from both brands is so creamy and blendable – and when paired with the right primer literally do last perfectly crease free! The crease free part is definitely due to the primer most of the time, and the best I’ve tried this year for the money is this NYX primer. This bad boy works just as well as the high end brands I’ve tried, but comes a lot cheaper at £5.50! It’s lasting really well also – a little goes a long way! NYX as a whole is a brand that really impressed me last year actually, I’ll definitely be trying more of their products this year! (If you want a special shimmery base Urban Decay is your man though…) As with last year and the year before and the year before and forever before that, my trusty Rimmel Glam Eyes is the best liquid liner. If it aint broke don’t fix it! And whilst I’ve tried a fair few more eyeliners in 2016, nothing beats this badboy. It’s such good value for money at just over a fiver – and it genuinely lasts for months for me.

Face faves:
To add on from foundation, my favourite blusher this year has been NARS in the shade orgasm. It brightens my face beautifully and leaves the perfect peachy pink pop of colour. As an actual brightener, there is 100% no beating the soap and glory luminizing face powder. It does cost £11, but this pot literally lasted me throughout the year – as you can see it’s well loved! – and is still going! For highlight, Jeffree Star brought out a bunch of huuuge powerful pink goodness, and while I only managed to get my hands on peach goddess, I absolutely love it and use it all the time! I actually think this might last me forever. The Jeffree lip scrubs are also fricken awesome and again – very generous pots that last forever!

Bath and body faves:
I have two favourite bath and body companies this year and whilst I kinda feel like I’m cheating on LUSH, it would be a lie not to also include bath and body works. Finally, after over a year of lusting, I managed to get my hands on bath and body works products last year, (read this post if you’re looking to in the UK also!) The products smell so incredible and I will definitely be buying more and more this year – I think it’s going to become an obsession! As always, I need not explain my LUSH love. They hit the nail on the head every time, I especially adore their Christmas ranges!

On a side note, if you’re looking to try out a fun, slightly cheaper and new bath bomb company, you should have a look at Pretty Suds. It’s a small business owned by a lovely lady and they have the most fun products – their bath bombs look and smell incredible and their candle melts in particular are literally to die for! They are also made from soy which is much better for you than other common candles. (Which are actually kinda dangerous to your health over time – look it up!)

For fake tan, by far the best has been the ST.Moriz fake tanning mousse. It never ever streaks and although it does have that fake tan smell, it’s quite a bit lighter than loads of others I’ve tried! This also lasts for atleast a couple of washes which is much more than I can say for other fake tans I’ve tried – at a fiver I love this. For hair, the Batiste heavenly volume and XXL volume dry shampoos are wonderful. They work with the tiniest bit, and give your hair so so much volume which I just love! (I have a pretty round face so I like my hair to be big and bouncy off my face.) For face care – the only thing I’ve included in this category as honestly I wasn’t blown away by all that much, is the Dirty Works creamy cleanser. This stuff smells really good, is so soft to apply and leaves my face even softer when it comes off. I didn’t actually know how much I liked this until I realised I’d bought it time and time again throughout the year. (You can buy this in Tesco and Sasinburys!)

Finally, I really had to include my ring obsession. Mainly PANDORA as I’m sure a lot of you can guess! Now half of me feels like this brand has lost a sense of quality and exclusivity seeing as every single girl you see from high school age has PANDORA everything, but I just can’t fault their designs! Although I don’t necessarily want to be one of millions of people with the same thing, you can’t beat some of their designs and I would be a fool (of a took) not to buy something that I find so stunning! They don’t flash the brand around at all on the actual rings which I like quite a lot -I feel like I’m getting to the stage where I would rather buy something because of how beautiful it is, rather than the label it’s sporting. (Although I can definitely make an exception for Tiffany’s. 😉 )

You can see Daisy Dream posing in the background and although this was included two years ago – eeeeek – I have literally been buying bottles ever since. I think this is my signature scent, it’s really light and feminine and just beautiful! I seriously love it so had to feature it! I feel like there are quite a few product areas I have left out this time round, but seeing as there wasn’t something that stood out to me in every single category in 2016 I couldn’t fill each section just for the hell of it. I am on the hunt for the perfect concealer, bronzer, skin care, mascara and so on – and actually feel like I’m onto a winner in some of these areas, but I will keep you posted!

Did you constantly rebuy anything in 2016 that is now a staple item for you?



  1. 14/01/2017 / 3:26 AM

    Fine post! I love the new Too Faced Peach line. Smells really good. 🙂 NARS is fantastic, too. Keep up the great work!

  2. 13/01/2017 / 10:14 PM

    Yessss i love the Wake Me Up Foundation! I too have repurchased it so many times!

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