A night in Norfolk!

I had the cutest anniversary feat. a stunning hotel, a freezing beach, a fire and a whole lotta rosé, seeing as it was one of my favourite days ever I wanted to share it here! For Christmas my mum bought me and my boyfriend a night away including dinner package from WHSmiths – we got to choose from hotels all around the country. As it was one night we decided to go no more than two hours away and somewhere near the sea, we ended up at the Links Country Park Hotel near Cromer in Norfolk.

The hotel itself was so beautiful, and we were allocated a room right at the end of the corridor which I loved. (It just feels slightly more private!) I haven’t been around springy, quality carpets in a very long time (don’t we all have floorboards now?) and it felt incredible to walk on. The bathroom also featured a gigantic mirror and gorgeous shower – I told my boyfriend we should make our bathroom exactly like this when we move in together this year – eek! After chilling out for a few hours (and having a nap – story of my life,) we headed for food. The dinner – of which I was way to involved with to photograph haha! Was incredibleeee! I had a gnocchi dish with roasted vegetables and chilli, a side of the chunkiest chips and a trio or sorbets to finish. I was absolutely stuffed to the brim but it was worth it in every way.

After digesting in the room for a while (seriously, we were soooo full up!) we headed down to the beach. It wasn’t far away at all but me and Jack had three big bags absolutely full of wood, kindling, bottles of wine, blankets etc – which made the walk soooo tiring! (Well probably more so for Jack who carried pretty much everything bless him!) We set up camp and got cracking on the fire. (Again, Jack did.) 😉 Seriously though I am an epic fire maker but this one definitely wasn’t on me! We enjoyed the fire with wine and anniversary presents – Jack bought me the most beautiful necklace from Swarovski and I bought him cringey socks and a solid copper polaroid picture of us which I really love. (It comes engraved with whatever you want! So. fricken. cute!)

Without the fire we probably would have caught pneumonia but thankfully we were pretty darn toasty and enjoyed the fire for a good few hours. As the moon wasn’t out (I didn’t know this was actually a thing until recently wtf,) we had to keep checking on the sea to see how quickly it was coming in. The last time we checked it was veryy close so we had to scoop everything up and run back up a hill – we just made it I swear! We weren’t quite done with the evening so watched the fire fizzle out from the safety of our cliff and finished the rosé; whilst sharing drunken rambles!

After a loooooovely nights sleep we got room service of two full English breakfasts – mine being vegetarian. Just like the dinner from the night before, this was absolutely glorious and this picture makes me seriously want to relive it!

After checking out we revisited the beach we enjoyed our fire on to see the remains. It was really gorgeous in day time and oh my god there were sooo many of the cutest dogs around, I was in heaven! One dog in particular refused to follow her owner for so long because they were going a different route to normal. This dog stood there watching her owner and she was like a stubborn child on the verge of a tantrum – SO FRICKEN CUTE AHHH!! We walked up a cliff a little bit – I didn’t let Jack make me go all the way around as I was generally am lazy, and we hopped in the car fifteen minutes down the road to Cromer.

Cromer’s a really cute little town and I really liked our wanders and walk down the pier. After realising Jack had walked in dog shit and walking for a good amount of time, we went to find some cheap and cheerful food.

We found such a yummy restaurant which was exactly what we were looking for – cheap and cheerful (although with handmade cakes and treats which tasted incredible!) We both had baguettes, chips and a little something sweet. (I was drooling over this Victoria sponge; so perfect!) It was called Breakers Café and you should definitely go if you’re ever in Cromer. The restaurant itself looks nothing special but the food is so so tasty! After eating about half of everything and admitting defeat, we headed back home. (Where I was car-DJ and played some old school BANGERS I tell ya!)

Have you ever been to Norfolk? Or had a fire on the beach?



  1. Lissa Crane
    16/02/2017 / 6:47 PM

    This looks like such a beautiful place to stay! Glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. margaret porter
    16/02/2017 / 1:15 PM

    Never been here. I will have to put it on my bucket list. I want to visit every state. Im not that far from Norfolk either.

  3. 08/02/2017 / 12:27 AM

    I worked/lived in Norfolk for about 7 months in 2013/14. Great County and some really pretty places incl Cromer! Glad you enjoyed it….

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