Beauty and the Beast makeup!

We’ve all seen it by now haven’t we? The most beautiful collection in the world ever, the Beauty and the Beast collection by L’Oréal. The shades are all part of the permanent range but the packaging has been vamped the hell up and in entire honestly, I bought all this for the packaging alone really haha! So, much, beauty. ( 😉 ) I genuinely think they have smashed the packaging and seriously raised the standards for further Disney makeup collabs – MAC’s collections dwindle in comparison to me now.

First up are the lipsticks. I really loved the Lumiere lipstick shade (and packaging!) the most, but all but three shades were sold out at the time I went to buy – and I didn’t even get there that late. I chose the Beast and Belle lipsticks and I absolutely love that I have both of the main characters! Belle’s case it relatively felty and soft, and I think they got the colour spot on. The beast lipstick has more of an oil canvas-y feel which again, suits it perfectly – it reminds me of the painting he slashes – which of course works with the design also. I really think this lipstick is a work of art, it will sit on my dressing table forever I promise!

I am so sorry for the shoddy quality of the swatch hahahaa – it does show the colours accurately though! The two colours are numbers 377 (Belle) and 703 (the Beast,) and as I said, the colours are both a part of the permanent range so you can buy them still. I did have a great idea to swatch both shades on my boyfriend too as he is so much darker so you can see their looks on different skin tones, but pretty much straight after I swatched him he managed to smudge everything so I gave up there haha! Sorry about that! 😉

You can actually still get the nail varnishes right now – so head over to ‘’ for those if you’re interested. The three shades I chose are Belle, Lumiere and Mrs Potts – all of these I really love and will definitely get a lot of wear out of. They’re obviously less decorated than the lipsticks but I still think they’re gorgeous and suit the characters perfectly. Lumiere is the most perfect nude!

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  1. 22/02/2017 / 12:20 AM

    This is pretty Amazing!!!!! I definitely need to see if I can find this around here!

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