The ugly side of beauty blogging

Hello you guys, I’ve just been reading up on a post of a lovely fellow blogger who I have been talking to and later working with for a good few months now. This blogger, Angela, wrote a post about Makeup revolution and their dupes/copies – you can read it here. Angela was very tactful, clever and compelling in her post. She put her thoughts across about the copies of products and how, when other companies have spent months on concepts and production, there should be repercussions for the brands taking it literally as it is – just with different formulas, and stamping their name on it. Whether you love or loathe these ‘copycat’ brands is fine, but the way we go about discussing it with each other has really shocked me. I really feel like we are living in a keyboard warrior world and it just baffles me.

Blogging is about you. You write your honest opinions and feelings down and share it with the world, whatever you want to say, you can – it’s your corner of the internet and it’s your decision. As long as you’re not being outright rude, and you’re using justified opinions and examples, then abso-bloody-lutely go for it. Some of the comments on Angela’s post are disgraceful. People have been getting personal, nasty, name-calling and honestly just laughable. We all have opinions – that’s a part of being human – we all have the right to discuss them, but we have to respect other people’s.

How can blogging exist when you get a back-lash for expressing negative opinions? If all bloggers literally just raved about every product they used and never had a bad thing to say about anything, it would be extremely hard to trust anyone. (And quite frankly a lot more boring!) We all have negative opinions about certain things and we all have the right to discuss this. The blogging community is becoming more and more saturated every day; when I started blogging a few years ago, it was popular still, but certainly more of a community. Nowadays everything is more-so a competition and much less supportive in a lot of cases. That matched with posts (especially those that are wide-spread) getting so much rudeness just makes the downsides of blogging rocket. If you disagree with a blogger – in this instance if you think it’s perfectly fine for companies to copy others, that’s a valid opinion and do express it – but the way we put it across to each other needs to be done in so much more of a tactful and less aggressive way. Passion is good, but when you let it take over and you’re actually just trying to create a full-blown row then you seriously need to reconsider life.

(The blogging community if no one ever spoke a bad word. 😉 ) It’s not normal to be all perfect and dandy all the time, we all have bad days, opinions and emotions, and blogging shouldn’t be a lie where we always suppress all of this!! – Also you should deff watch the Stepford wives if you’ve never seen it – it’s amaaaazing!

I have followed some amazing bloggers throughout the past few years, and it really saddens me how many have given up due to the changing environment of blogging and it becoming more of a competition and follower-war than a place to really share thoughts and rambles. Have a look at Birds Words, a girl who did actually achieve over 80,000 followers and had such creative and beautiful content, and literally gave up in 2015 because of the change she had seen. (Her last post is about this so do go and read it if you’re interested!) There are so many blog graveyards floating around the internet now, that haven’t been updated for such a long time because people have simply given up. When you witness such a back-lash from posts that actually, really aren’t offensive at all but rather, opinionated and justified pieces of work, it really will put off creative, wonderful minds from doing their hobby (or even job in some cases,) because it makes people think is it really worth it?

I really think the blogging world needs a reality check at the moment, and I really think we need to show support rather than hate towards one another. We’re all going to end up in the same place one day and will you really have wanted to fill your life with negativity and unnecessary arguments where you could have been supportive of people, generally happier and tactfully/healthily debating rather than lashing out?

Do have a read of Angela’s post – and the comments. Let me know what you think!


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