Climbing the O2

Just a little post today about something you should definitely do if you live in or around London! Climb the O2! I went with my family, boyfriend and some friends for a sunset walk on top of the O2, and it was so bloody fun.

We happened to go when it was quite cloudy so there wasn’t much sunset – but it was really pretty seeing London in daylight, to all lit up at night. You start by sitting through a safety video and brief, and then getting kitted up. In the winter they have full body suits, but seeing as we went on pretty much the first slightly warm day of the year we were given relatively thin gilets.

It was a tense wait in the briefing room. ūüėČ (Funniest photo of my life feat. Jack and my sister)

We then headed up some stairs and onto the first platform where you climb the O2.

You’re not allowed to take any pictures on the way up so I grabbed this from Google to show you the walk – there are about four different sections all at different gradients (the first on the way¬†up¬†and last on the way down, are soo steep – which is hilarious when you’re with your family and friends!) The texture of the floor is quite springy like a trampoline¬†– to replicate the surface of the O2.

The view is absolutely breath taking up at the top, where you see so much of London’s skyline. It really is gorgeous and I will definitely go again¬†– at other time slots too – I want to see it all lit by the sun and the moon! It costs about ¬£35 and you can book online here.

Is this something you would like to do?


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