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So I had to try it, I had to. Kylie Cosmetics released their first lip kits zonksss ago now, and have since expanded into loads of new shades and new products – like eye shadows and highlighters. These products – especially with customs in the UK, are ridiculously expensive. So much so that I put off buying anything from the range for the longest time. It was when the valentines collection rolled around (and for once in my life I had a little extra money,) that I decided to take the plunge and make a splurge. All of the above cost me $68 (about £55; Brexit I hate you,) with about £20 customs on top.

I can quite easily spend a lot of money on high end makeup, but I think of high end makeup as prestigious, long term brands that I know will near enough be perfect. I know there’s a lot of hype around Kylie makeup but as it’s new and people do quite often jump on the bandwagon, I had my scepticisms over how high quality the products really would be, for such a hefty price tag.

So although I bought because the Valentines collection drew me in, I knew I wanted the Koko K lip kit more than anything. The colour is the most perfect nude-pink and it complements my hair, eyes and skin tone absolutely perfectly. (Swatches at the end.) This is for sure my favourite thing of all, I really love it. I have found it does sink into lip lines quite a lot, but I guess that’s relatively expected from liquid lipsticks. Coming from someone who has to use lip balm copious times throughout the day, this really is no where near as drying as most matte lip products. (Although I do still feel the need for lip balm after a while haha!)

I also bought a Maliboo matte liquid lipstick – I knew this was far more brown and a slight risk but from swatches online I thought it was really pretty and worth trying out. (I also needed to spend a little more for free delivery so I thought it was quite an easy option.) After swatching I realised this was far too dark for me. I am pale but this looked seriously quite silly – it made me look ill haha! So I sold this online – I actually got the same I paid for it plus its share of the customs so I didn’t lose any money which is good. I feel like that’s really useful to know so if you buy yourself and decide the products aren’t right for you or not the right shades (the online makeup buying problem right?) then you can sell them on and not lose money. Win-win.

The last thing I bought was one of the Valentines bundles, I got ‘sweet heart’, which had two generously sized eyeshadows and a ‘literally’ and ‘dolce K’ mini. I really love the packaging of this set, although I must say, you really can’t gauge how small the minis will be online – they do list the weight of course, but that generally won’t help many people in knowing how small the products are haha! I am happy with this set though and I’ll be keeping all of these products.

Here are all the lip products swatched – left to right – Koko K matte lipstick, Koko K lip liner, Maliboo, Literally, and Dolce K.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics? Do any of these products float your boat?


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  1. 12/04/2017 / 9:20 PM

    Quite put off by the buying process and cost if I’m honest, you would think with the money they have, there should be a uk ?? distribution centre, but no

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