A Gatsby Party | Get ready with me!

On Saturday night me and my boyfriend hopped on a train into London to go to a Gatsby themed party – I hadn’t actually seen Gatsby before but I was excited to get dressed up and have a themed night out – I rarely do themed things outside of Halloween! I thought I’d share with you what I wore and my little getting ready routine, so without further ado…

The night before I had a funky LUSH bath (this bath bomb is a Christmas one – I bought sooo much in the Christmas sale and was gifted so-so much, so I’m slowly working my way through them all haha!) I exfoliated and cleansed myself (I used a charcoal LUSH cleanser which I’ve recently got into – it’s really really good for clearing up spots, you just need to wash it off thoroughly because you do end up a bit grey after use!) I then fake tanned using my absolute fail-safe St. Moriz mousse and slept in it over night.

The next day I got up, washed off all the fake tan and got started on my hair. I curled it fairly tightly, and after a little while brushed it out and quiffed up my “fringe” (- I don’t really have one, but for lack of a better word..) I did this by changing the side of my parting, so it naturally had a big ol’ quiff which I quite liked. I used this headband to keep it in place along with some hair slides.

As I don’t fake tan my face I always use my Bourjois bronzing primer as a base. Depending on how much you use you can really match it perfectly to your body, and it gives you a serious lit-from-within finish. I wanted a warm, reddy-brown eye look and so used my Sephora palette along with a Too Faced palette – part of their 2016 Christmas collection. I used two eyeliners and individual lashes to finish this. I do find individuals fairly tedious to use, but they look so much more natural and really open up your eyes – you can create exactly the look you want which I love. (Even if it does bore the life out of me trying to get right haha!) I also used my NYX lingerie lipstick for the first time and fell in love.

My nails were a £1 Primark nude variation – and I added water decals from eBay to get the lace effect. I also a wore a Pandora ring and my 18th birthday bracelet for one of the first times; I am so terrified of losing this so usually leave it at home, but it is so beautiful and deserves to be worn out! (Luckily no tragedies happened here ahhaha.)


I wore my trusty Zara bag along with these heels from ASOS. I hunted for so long for a good pair of heels and ended up ordering four different pairs to come on the day of the party to hopefully find some good ones. I didn’t want anything too tall or a heel too skinny as I knew I’d be travelling around London and I can’t be dealing with tottering around (me and heels just never entirely worked out.) These ones were absolutely perfect, looked beautiful and were so comfy! I also added these padded soles which made my feet feel amazing all night. (They also vaguely resemble penises, just to let you know.)

I wore this dress from pretty little thing. I did look around a fair amount for an acceptable dress but nothing really floated my boat, and I didn’t want to risk a themed dress on eBay ending up being shoddy quality or not turning up on time. I really did love my dress in the end though, and I feel like it suited the night perfectly. I also wore a pashmina scarf borrowed from my mum. (Little Sammy sneaking into the picture!) – And my shoes were later put on 😉

I ended up having a really good night and I definitely want to do some more themed things some time soon!



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      11/04/2017 / 9:47 PM

      Thank you so much lovely!xxx

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