Naming a star!

Hey you guys, I wanted to share with you a really special gift idea today! I was recently contacted by a company licensed to name stars and I just thought, this would make the most thoughtful, perfect gift in the world. I decided to name a star* for my mum and I couldn’t wait to show you how adorable the whole package is! Have a look –

My certificate came in a beautiful box with tissue paper and blue roses, along with some leaflets explaining the company, the star and how to view it in the sky. (The sky atlas – included in the package – is really interesting to look through!) There are three types of star you can choose to name – a standard star, an extra bright star or a binary star. You also have the option to have it as a gift set – you can view my version here.

I think naming a star after someone, something they love, or letting them choose a beautiful name for such a beautiful thing – is one of the loveliest gifts I can think of. Considering prices range from £14.99 upwards, it’s a gorgeous gift for a birthday, anniversary or any occasion really! You should definitely check out the star registry company and have a look at what they offer – I know I’ll be buying a couple more of these for peoples’ special birthdays coming up. What a lovely idea, now I just want someone to name a star for me. 😉


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