Relax and refresh – Make time for yourself!

We all have busy schedules, but I think all too often we miss out on leaving ourselves quality time to unwind and relax. You can feel guilty or even lazy doing this, but making time to put your feet up is so important for both your physical and mental health. When we’re constantly on the go it can lead to burnout- physical problems like heart conditions and mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Take a little time to rest as and when you can- here are some of the ways you can do so.

Have a Massage

Massage has been shown to ease tense muscles, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and even release endorphins which are the brain’s ‘happy chemicals. The combination of all of these factors means that massage is fantastic for improving wellbeing. You could go to a spa or salon and book in a massage every once in a while to treat yourself. You could ask a partner to help, or even practice self massage. There are various techniques you can try on your limbs, hands and feet which provide great benefits to the body. There are also massage chairs and massage equipment you can buy.

Have a Hot Bath

A hot, pampering bath is such an accessible but proven way to chillll. When you’ve had a long day, soaking in warm water is a quick way to make you feel better. Add a bath bomb (or two,) oils or bath salts to the water and give yourself some time to just clear your head and completely unwind. Once you’re out of the bath, treat your skin to some moisturising products. If your skin is beginning to show fine lines, you could have a look at how to select anti aging skin care products online. Use a rich, hydrating body butter to pamper your skin, and run a lightweight hair oil through the ends of your hair. You’re sure to feel so much better afterwards.


When you meditate, you bring your mind to the current moment. Doing this means that you’re not stressing about the past or worrying about the future, and allows you to enter into a deep level of calm. It’s not just mumbo jumbo, meditation has been medically proven to benefit the body. On a cognitive level it can improve memory, self awareness and introspection. For the body, it lowers heart rate, blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. All you need is a comfy chair or bed, listen along to an app or Youtube video if you’re new to the practice. There are so many to choose from – and it’s definitely worth downloading something free just to give it a try. This can really help people who suffer with anxiety also.

Spend Time in Nature

Being in nature can have a profound effect on the body. For example, just standing barefoot on grass has been shown to relieve stress and even promote eye health- this is because the foot is connected to every part of the body. Being around living plants causes our brain to release endorphins, and plus it’s relaxing too. You could spend time in the garden with a book, or go on a walk with your dog through meadows, woods and mountains.



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