Moving House | Taking away the stress with Bidvine

Hello you beauts! I am so unbelievably excited to be moving out for the first time in may. My life is currently pinterest-scouring for inspo and looking up any hack possible in order to make the move less stressful and the house even more stunning. (There’s a full post coming up about the house itself – don’t you worry! ūüėČ ) With all these ideas flying around I know exactly what I want to do with a few of the rooms, and I’ve just found an app to make that possible and much less stressful – woooop!

Honestly, I really want to move into my own personal version of a lad-pad. (No better way to describe it!)¬†I want an exposed brick wall, pool table, low hanging copper lights, dartboard, the lot. (Just maybe a bit cleaner than your average man cave!) As we’re moving into a new build, I’ve found the exposed brick wall will be the hardest part of the whole house to achieve, but I sooo want it. So I’ve been having a look around and found exposed brick wallpaper you can put up – amazing. This stuff isn’t¬†just detailed 2D stuff, it is actually 3D wallpaper that literally comes out of the wall (although obviously not too thick, just enough to look 100% real.) The only issue is you need someone who actually knows what they’re doing to put this stuff up, and this is where the stress-relieving app comes into my life.

Bidvine* is essentially a UK-based services finder;¬†where you can¬†find a photographer through to decorators. On the website you simply¬†type in where you are based and¬†some¬†detail about budgets and¬†what specifically you are looking for, and then professionals in that area offer you their rates and info. You can literally weigh up the different prices and email or call the person behind each quote to find what’s best do you; and it’s free to do!

I will 100% be using Bidvine to find a professional who can put up¬†install my¬†brick wallpaper – I want it to look perfect and although I’m generally all about the DIY, there are some instances where you need the hand of someone who knows what they’re doing. Some things are definitely important enough to get done right the first time ahha! Take a look at the website if you want to find a wallpaper installer, decorator or other services, and if you’re interested in finding more out about my new house keep an eye out –¬†news to come!


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