We went to Malta! | Part 1

(You wouldn’t have thought I’d almost drowned from laughing too hard swimming from one island to another in this picture.) ūüėČ Hello you beauts! I recently got back from the most amaaazing trip to Malta with my boyfriend Jack. We had the best, most knackering time in the world and as always, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. We chose Malta as it was so bloody cheap. We wanted a little break away together – somewhere with sun and sand, but we didn’t want to pay a bucket load due to moving house super soon and needing to buy¬†a whole house’s worth of furniture! I would definitely recommend a trip there as it’s such good value and you can see so much of it in the space of week as it’s just a little island! Prepare for a bit of Segway-ing, kayaking, and a whole lot of beaches…

So we didn’t get the luxury of sleeping before we jetted off as we had to leave ridiculously early in the morning for the airport. I was so tired by the end of our ten hour journey, but thankfully me and Jack both managed to sleep for most of the plane at least. We picked up our hire car, headed across the island to our hotel in Mellieha,¬†ordered room service and zonked out for a few hours before exploring.

We had a look around the hotel – including the stunning rooftop pool (even looking tempting on the cloudiest of days..) Was stayed at the Maritim Antonine hotel, which I have to say was amazing value. We got a really cheap deal on expedia (definitely a fail-safe way to book holidays!) and it was worth every penny. It was pretty damn chilly on our first day but regardless, we went to check out the beach nearest our hotel as it is supposed to be one of the prettiest on the island.

Now it definitely was a cute beach, but it was 100% windy and 100% chilly, and me and Jack definitely hadn’t packed for this much freeze. (It was coat weather I swear! – Luckily the only day we had like this though!) We watched a few crazy kids doing their wind-surfing sheznez and headed for some food.

I always use TripAdvisor to find good places to eat whilst on holiday. I’ve had one too many holidays where I walk into the nearest place I see when I’m hungry, but so often I end up somewhere selling mediocre food there and miss out on some real gems. Thanks to TripAdvisor though, I have now eaten in some seriously epic places whilst being away, and our food on the first night lived up to scratch for sure (along with one of our breakfasts which was one of the most amazing things in the world!) After filling up our bellies we filled up our bladders – what a weird thing to say.. Oh well, it’s said now,¬†I’ll feel sad for the words that never got published if I delete them haha – with a hundred-thousand cocktails. We were aiming to try out all the different ones as they were really well priced and looked so yummy, but after getting a selection to begin with, I ended up on purely pomegranate Collins as it was bloody amaaaazing.

Day 2 | We got a room service breakfast to fuel our first full day and then headed out into the sun – which was the biggest relief in the world after the chilly first day. (I literally thought I might have to re-wear the only pair of jeans I brought every day haha!)

We first headed to Popeye village – regardless of never seeing the film we had heard good things about the set-turned-attraction so wanted to give it a go. It definitely didn’t disappoint as it was set in the most beautiful cove…

We got to play mini-golf (something I have come to find I suck majorly at,) and ate some well-needed food, followed by a paddle and a boat ride around the clearest waters and beautiful caves.

How stunning is the colour of the water?!

We then headed off to another beach Рwhere Jack was a madman and got completely in, (there was no way I was getting in the water at this point Рit was so cold!) he has done lots worse than that though in all fairness ahaha. We sat on the beach and made X-rated sand sculptures before heading off to a castle on a hill.

(Which was shut, but the views from up there were amazing and the castle looked pretty cool too.) We had a nap (I can’t deal with so much moving around hahahhaa.) went out for dinner, walked around the cathedral grounds a bit near our hotel and nestled into bed for the next day.

Day 3 | We decided to spend the third day¬†in¬†the¬†island of Comino – home to the famous blue lagoon. (Which isn’t quite Iceland’s version I’ll tell ya now, but it was really beautiful!) The waters were clear, and even though the sea hadn’t warmed to anywhere near summer temperatures, there were loads of people in the water – which definitely gave me the push I needed to get in.

But before getting crazy and wet, we attempted off-road Segways. (For a full two hours!) We picked a tour that took us round the whole of the Island, so we saw so many hidden caves, beautiful beaches, a fort-type thing (no idea what it’s called!) and cliffs. There were virtually zero people anywhere off the blue lagoon as there is no traffic on the island – as it’s so small. (There are only four actual residents!) Seeing as you have to get around by foot (or Segway!) people probably just can’t be bothered, so it really felt like we had most of the island to ourselves. Our tour guide Sam was so very lovely and we had a banter-filled time with him. You can check out the Segway tour company of Comino here if you’re interested – I would 100% recommend it and actually I think this was the highlight of my whole trip.

We had a bite to eat and then swam from one island to another. It was so fricken funny that I genuinely almost drowned; I was trying to manage actually swimming across a fairly decent distance, trying to be fast enough to not get caught up in the boat’s paths that ran between the islands and laughing at how ridiculously freezing me and Jack were. It was so worth it once we got to the other side as we were the only people on that beach and it had a gorgeous little cave in it – they filmed a scene of Troy here.

We had an amazingly pinterest pineapple cocktail and headed back for some food and a snooze, before visiting another island the next day with lots of exploring and kayaking through jellyfish! (Heart attack city!) More of this in post number two seeing as this post is now the longest post known to the blogging world bar none. Eeek!


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