We went to Malta! | Part 2

Recently me and my boyfriend took a trip to Malta – where we had the loveliest, jam-packed time travelling around the island (and two sister islands!) It was one of the most knackering trips ever because we wanted to fit so much in; essentially we wanted to see the entire island as it’s small enough that you really can – so why wouldn’t you! The post on our first three days is here if you’re interested in giving it a read, but here’s what we did in the last few days!

On day four we took a trip to another island – Gozo. Gozo is bigger than Comino (where we spent the day segwaying around the entire thing and visiting some of the most beautiful nooks and crannies!) and has a fair amount of things to see and do. We got up super early to take a kayaking trip at 9AM, for about three hours. Safe to say it was exhausting, but definitely worth it! We kayaked through lots of different caves and through shoals of jellyfish – which was pretty scary as it would be entirely my luck to fall in at this point!

I literally feel like Jack looks like the cover photo for the kayak company here haha! The trip took us around the side of the island, where we stopped for some food and an optional swim (the water was icy cold so this option was not one I wanted to take aha!) The couple we were with both got in though, crazy kids. I didn’t realise until I got out of the kayak, but I must have been seriously using my knees for the support and balance of the kayak as they were genuinely jelly when I got out, it was so hard to stand up!

We then visited the blue hole – a natural swimming pool that is something like 20 metres deep and *used to* sit overlooking the azure window. The azure window recently collapsed into the sea due to a storm; you can see where it has fallen in the first picture though – the lighter coloured strip of sea. We had kayaked over this before hand which was pretty cool though. They filmed a few scenes of game of thrones here and it’s definitely a tourist spot! If you’re ever in the area, earlier is 100% better as you beat the crowds completely.

We got a bite to eat and drove to the megalithic temples. These are ruins older than the pyramids (although definitely not as cool as seeing the pyramids would be!) but nevertheless we had a cute time walking around and I got some gorgeous pots in the gift shop which I’m taking to Brighton when we move!

We then visited a ‘red’ (pretty orange to me) sand beach and headed back to the hotel, to get ready to visit a fireworks festival that night. We actually turned up during the display and the second we managed to finally park it was over, so that sucked, but oh well. 😉

Day 5 | Along with the fireworks festival that didn’t wait up for us ( 😉 ) we visited a medieval festival in Mdina – a stunning city built on top of a hill – and the old capital city of Malta. We started the day with the most amazing breakfast from a café called Debbie’s. We found this on TripAdvisor and I’m so happy we did as it was possibly the nicest food I had out of the whole holiday – the cupcakes were also sooooo tasty.

(I caught this bird mid-blink and I just think it is the funniest picture anyone ever took!) We wandered around the festival and found people dancing to funky old medieval tunes, horses, re-enactments, archery, stone-carving and a load more things. We also wandered into an exhibition thing, walking around wax scenes of different parts of the history of Mdina. That was so fricken boring. We were literally walking around yawning and really wanted to go, but we were walking around with another family and nearby an employee so it was really awkward. It was so awkward in fact that we fell into a laughing fit and were both trying to compose ourselves whilst dying of laughter at how crap the whole thing was. The sheer hilariousness of it made it one of my favourite parts of the trip though, so regardless of how crappy it was I’m glad we went in the end! We walked around Mdina and then set off to see Valetta. We were also going here on our last day but we had quite a lot of time left so thought we’d see it twice.

It was really pretty to see, but seeing as almost everything was shut, we headed back to the hotel before going for lots and lots of cocktails, visiting three different bars – eventually ending up in a really nice sports/karaoke bar up the road from the hotel. We watched the boxing (*Jack watched the boxing*) and had a really good last night.

We knew day six would be knackering as our flight wasn’t until nine at night, and we had to be out of the hotel in the morning. We checked out, lugged everything into the hire car and took a stroll around Valetta. We walked around the entire city – including two different gardens and along the sea front.

After walking around for a while, we went to buy a drink from an ice cream van, and found the man inside stood upright sleeping! I didn’t actually notice him at first but Jack nudged me and after spotting him, I literally had to walk away because it was too fricken funny! We were creasing over with laughter for a good ten minutes (don’t worry, we were far enough away from the van that we didn’t disturb the mans slumber,) and then gave up on getting a drink and travelled around the rest of the capital city.

We saw the fireworks all being set up for the fireworks festival finale, which was quite gutting as we knew we would miss it as we were going home. We were sat in one of the gardens and heard all the music sound checks – knowing it was going to be amazing.

Thankfully though, we managed to see the finale of the fireworks from the plane window as we took off, which was so beautiful and such an amazing way to say goodbye to Malta. We had such a fun time here and would definitely go back – maybe in the summer next time where the water will be lots and lots warmer! Until next time…


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    Oh my gosh that sounds amazing!! I’m dying to go to Malta! Some day I will ??

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