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Hello hello! I recently won a ridiculously large giveaway – you can see my winnings in this post if you’re interested! A part of this giveaway included seven beautiful products from the brand Peony cosmetics – a company I had never previously heard of, but as I instantly fell in love with the pinterest-worthy packaging and cute hues I was excited to give it a go. It’s been a while since I’ve written a full beauty post on my beauty blog, so I thought this was as good a time as any to talk about my one true love; a bucket load of makeup.

(There are seven products, I just forgot about one in most of the pictures haha 😉 ) The boxes are genuinely the prettiest I’ve seen makeup come in. I feel like this is how makeup boxes should be; so enticing and pretty damn hard to get rid of – I know I’ll be keeping the boxes for a long time haha!

Firstly, I was given lipsticks in three shades – Lotus on the left, Camellia top right and Dahlia at the bottom.

Lotus is a beautiful deep red colour – more berry red/pinky when on. All of the colours show fairly differently to how they look in the tube, but I have to say they all look equally as beautiful – just differing slightly. The texture of these lipsticks are super creamy but not too heavy/thick feeling, I feel like the ‘hydrating lip tint’ name describes them perfectly.

The next shade is Camellia. My least favourite of the bunch purely because I’m not one to wear something so bright/neon. It does come out slightly less bright but you would still describe it as an intense Barbie pink haha! I’m unsure of whether to keep this one or send it on – we will see.

Finally, my favourite colour is absolutely Dahlia – it is so so beautiful. You know some shades just suit you perfectly? Well this is definitely my nude shade. I feel like it brings out all my features and for such a light colour makes me look surprisingly healthy/glowy – looove. All the textures of these lipsticks are exactly the same, which I lovee because it allows you to test out as many colours as you want – knowing the pay-off wont differ.

The next product is a pink glow luminizing stick – a cream highlighter basically. It was a bit of a miss for me, because the colour is fairly concentrated and the stick is quite small – making it really hard to blend. It’s also a bit too pink and a bit too sparkly for the luminizing job in my opinion – it might be perfect for some people/some makeup looks, but it’s not the one for me.

I also received a blush – called pink cloud powder blush. I knew the colour was a bit too pink for me but I figured if it was sheer enough it could be really pretty. In order to get that finger swatch I had to really rub at the powder – and the arm swatch later down this post barely even shows the blush shade. I thought because of this, it would be the sheerness I wanted, but as soon as I put it on my face it was a different story. It’s really vibrant and shows up very clearly, so again, the colour isn’t for me. With that being said the texture is really lovely, so I would definitely try out a different shade. The good thing about pigmented blushes is that they really do last forever also.

Other than the lipstick I fell in love with, the matcha BB powder is for sure one of my favourites. This powder acts like a powder foundation – it has so much coverage but also feels really light on the face and leaves a lovely, non-cakey finish. I quite like the fact it has matcha tea in it too! I’m unsure as to whether this poses any benefits but it’s pretty cool. 😉 I will definitely be rebuying this one. Hidden gem in the masses of the makeup world.

Finally, I received a trio of eyeshadows, in colours right up my street. I feel like eyeshadows are hard for me to review because Urban Decay, Too Faced and Stila bring the most pigmented, creamy and long-wearing eyeshadows that there’s not too much hope for other brands. Although this product doesn’t match up to the quality of these companies, the shades are lovely and the first colour is particularly beautiful for a brow-bone highlight. It makes your eyes seriously pop and brighten.

The swatches of these products from top to bottom are – pink glow highlight stick, Dahlia lipstick, Lotus lipstick, Camellia lipstick, pink cloud blusher, followed by the eyeshadow trio. (Left to right shades as shown in the palette above.) What do you think? Is this a brand you would try out?



  1. unbesitodebeauty
    12/09/2017 / 9:58 PM

    I’ve never tried this brand but those blushes look gorgeous! xx <3

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