Tarte cosmetics haul!

Hello you cheeky chappie. I recently found out about a crazy-good deal from Tarte cosmetics – where you can build a makeup kit for £50 – saving you around half price of the retail rates. I find it really hard to turn down deals this good when I spot them, so of course I placed an order and eagerly anticipated my delivery. Having been shipped all the way from America, it came really quickly and for like the first time ever, I didn’t have to pay customs! So here are the goodies I chose in my makeup kit…

I find it so much fun building these kits, usually brands have different sections with 5-10 products in each; you choose a product in each section to build up your little collection. I think it’s a seriously good way to get to know the ins and outs of different companies, as of course you get to try out a variety of things.

(The unicorn tissue paper is so bloody pretty – I can’t get rid of it!) My order also came with a cute holographic makeup bag – also very unicorn-esque. I’ve actually sold this bag on eBay as I have so-so many makeup bags, and I figured the money from that would make up for some of this order, saving me a bit of cashola. (Student life!)

For foundation I chose the Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation (powder formulation,) in the shade fair-light neutral. As with every foundation ever, it is a little darker than my natural colour, but seeing as I’ve been fake tanning all the fecking time recently I’m loving it! This product definitely does stay on allllll day, and it doesn’t cake or wear unevenly, I really love it! It also comes out through a springy bee-hive netting which is pretty cool. My only fault is I feel like I will go through this in the space of a week. I’ve only been trialling this collection for a week or two, and where my other products are barely dented this is at least half empty.

As for blush, a lot of my favourite options were actually sold out on the set builder, so I settled with the shade ‘captivating.’ This is definitely one for summer and has just the right amount of peachy tones for me. The pigmentation is just right – not so high that you have to be ridiculously light-handed, but enough that you don’t have to scrub away at the pan! The brush I chose is so bloody pretty – a fat old rectangle wooden beast of a brush. I love it way too much (I’ve been using it for a light contour at the mo!) and I quite enjoy comparing it to the blades of glory brush.. I could not love a human child more than I love this brush! 😉

My absolute favourite product of all and one I will be buying over and over, is this gorgeous lipstick. I bought the shade plummy rose (swatches at the end of the post!) and I think it is so-sooo beautiful. Whenever I love a shade of lipstick through an online purchase I swear I get this sad little buzz inside hahaa – it’s such a risk as shades vary so much, so when you find the perfect hue it feels like there’s a chunk of luck on your side.

For eyes I chose the Amazonian clay smart mascara, (not sure if you should be putting clay near your eyes!) and the lights camera lashes eyeliner. Buying my bundle also entitled me to a free mini lights camera lashes. I have tried lights camera lashes a few times before and I have to say, results vary sooo much. I think one of the biggest problems with natural brands (although I would still always choose them over others!) is shades and textures really can vary from product to product.

I have an eyeliner I have been using forever which is just perfect for me, so generally liquid liners don’t quite match up. Although I find a stiff nib harder to apply with than soft, flexible bristles, the formulation of this liquid liner does not budge. As for the mascara I chose – the brown tube, it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t say it has blown my other mascaras out of the water, but I will 100% be reaching for it time to time when I get ready in the mornings/am going out.

The top swatch is the ‘captivating’ blush, and the bottom is the ‘plummy rose’ lipstick. I really love everything in this haul and am so glad I took the plunge and made another random af haul. Tarte is definitely not an every day brand for me as some of the products are fairly expensive, but you really can’t argue with their ethics and amazing shades, packaging and formulas. I will be keeping my eye on the brand for more epic deals!



  1. 30/05/2017 / 3:39 PM

    omg i really need to try tarte cosmetics everything looks amazing xx


  2. 30/05/2017 / 3:06 PM

    That sounds like such a good offer! The lipstick shade looks so nice and I have always wanted to try a Tarte blush. You are so lucky to not have to pay customs on it as well, I’ve been so worried about making a Tarte order in case I’m hit with customs! Lovely post x

    Erin // Everything Erin

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