Gigantor sales haul!

Hello you beauts! You’ll no doubt be aware of the sales bobbing around here there and everywhere, so I thought I’d share my purchases from the past month or so with you. With moving house and attempting to buy a LOT of furniture, I have been trying to save spending money for the ‘important,’ more necessary stuff – but when a sales email flies into my inbox I generally lose self control, sue me. 😉  I’m really pleased with the things I bought so as per us-uaaaaal here we go.

I’m a massive fan of Victoria’s Secret – I actually applied for a job there recently, (they never got back to me, psh their loss. 😉 ) so when my sister came to visit me in Brighton we nipped in for a look. A lot of bras were discounted to £14 – but where everyone had been digging around it did feel like a bit of a jumble sale. Even so I persevered and found two bras, which I am in loooove with.

The pants section was quite disappointing in Victoria’s Secret, it looked pretty much full of all the styles that flopped and no one was interested in, so we gave that a miss. But I found the two gorgeous pairs pictured in Boux Avenue, which were discounted to a couple of pounds each.

The most exciting shop I’ve done for a long time is this Tarte haul. There’s a full post to come on these products so I won’t go too much into the details, but all of these products were so ridiculously cheap that I couldn’t pass it up. They were between 50 and 70% off – the bronzer and highlight duo was only £8!

Those cheeky lasagne dishes were only a pound each; so as random as they are I wanted to include them! I actually bought them from Poundland, so not in the sale – but I was about to order a set of four online for just under twenty pounds, so this just goes to show that some of the deals in discount shops are definitely worth having a hunt for. Along with the VS underwear I picked up a fragrance – it was only £5.50 which is under half price of it’s RRP. It smells really good – not comparable to a lot of my favourite perfume brands, but as a fragrance to wear around the house/when you’re not making too much effort it but want to smell nice it was a steal. I also did a huge H&M sales haul but seeing as I haven’t yet mastered the art of fashion photography I thought I’d leave those photos out. It’s definitely worth having a look in H&M though, so many playsuits and dresses are affordable anyway, but in the sale it’s pretty hard to say no.

This is another range that will be getting it’s own post, but considering everything was discounted in Superdrug’s introductory offer I thought I’d include them. I really like Zoella beauty products because I feel like they push the boat out in terms of new ideas and fragrances. A lot of their products are relatively new ideas and I love that about them. The fragrance of this range isn’t my favourite from the brand, but I’m still glad to own these little gems and will definitely enjoy using them! Keep an eye out for a post on this if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts.

Finally, Ohh Deer sell my all time favourite cards and stationery so when an email popped up telling me of their sale I had to have a look. I bought sooo many cards, because generally I’ll spend around £3 on birthday cards whenever I need to, but these were discounted to 50p each and just make me smile so much! I’m officially one of those people that have a massive card pile ready for birthdays, go me!

Have you been sales shopping recently?



  1. 30/07/2017 / 8:23 PM

    Thanks for visiting my site, you young beauty!

    Peace be the Botendaddy

  2. Romi
    30/07/2017 / 6:58 PM

    them bras <3

  3. 27/07/2017 / 11:07 AM

    omg the colour of those bras are soooo cutee xx

    • Emma
      27/07/2017 / 2:11 PM

      Eeek I love them too! Thanks for your comment beaut!xx

  4. 26/07/2017 / 4:49 PM

    Always excited about sales these are some great things you picked up!

    • Emma
      27/07/2017 / 2:12 PM

      Always always haha – I love a good bargain! 😉 Thanks for your comment!xx

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