What I got for my birthday 2017!

Hello my lovelies! So my birthday was actually on the 16th of June – seeing as this post is ridiculously late I was debating whether to post it at all, but I really do love writing and reading these posts so I thought I’d just go for it – a verrry late 21st birthday gift round-up, eeek! The main bulk of my presents came as furniture for mine and my boyfriends new house, but as I’m planning on writing up a home décor post when it’s all sorted I thought I’d leave those pictures for later.

So firstly I treated myself for my birthday to some original unicorn brushes. The owner of this little company actually said she’d send me a set (as I sent her one of my products for free in exchange,) but they never showed up. I don’t know if they were actually sent in the end or got lost, but either way I was a bit gutted – and a little annoyed as I had given her something for free and not got anything back – I’m definitely too trusting haha! I still persevered to buy these myself because I wanted to try them out, and I have to say they are absolutely stunning, but only one of the brushes actually does something for me (the brush on the right of my hand,) the others are more for show at the moment, but I’m still trialling them to see if I start to like them more.

This is definitely one of my favourite presents – how cute. It’s a hand drawn picture my sister bought me, of me with our five cats. All the details on the cats are so perfect and this really makes me smile.

Makeup citayy- along with lots of little bits my boyfriend bought me a collection from Lime Crime which I adore! The shades are so pretty and these liquid lipsticks dry really beautifully – I’m definitely becoming a liquid lipstick convert.

As a huge Harry Potter lover I was so happy to see all these amazing bits – especially the Niffler who just melts my heart.

I had my eye on the floral print travel document holder for so long so I was literally thrilled when I opened it aha! I know it’s just a little thing but I think it’s so pretty and every time I’ve been on holiday I’ve ended up taking my mums; it’s good to have my own. Those elephant ring holders are so cute also, I keep my favourite couple of rings on here at the moment. (And I feel like this would be a perfect little wedding gift for someone!)

How amazing is this bear table!? Only furniture snippet I’ll include but just loooooooooook! The plant pot on him was more of a moving in gift, and the pineapple now lives on top of our bar in the living room.

Along with these shoes I was given some gorgeous clothes from misspap (which I’ve only recently discovered) and ASOS.

I am completely obsessed with these map prints from my boyfriend – three places that have a little piece of my heart. Love! I had such a lovely birthday and I’m thrilled with everything I was given!



  1. 14/08/2017 / 5:56 PM

    Hope you had a great birthday!! Love the shoes that you got! So cute <3

    • Emma
      14/08/2017 / 7:31 PM

      I did, thanks beaut! They are cute aren’t they aha – thanks for your comment xxx

  2. 14/08/2017 / 1:17 PM

    Nice to see your other presents but where’s the Pusheenicorn?! ?

    • Emma
      14/08/2017 / 1:36 PM

      Ahaha it was on my bed in Essex and I didn’t have it here to photograph – but it is my favourite!??

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