IPL hair removal – Philips Lumea

Hello my lovelies, so I’ve talked about laser hair removal/IPL removal a few times on my blog so far. But about a year or so ago I switched from having my hair professionally laser removed in a salon, to buying my own at-home machine – and I’m so glad I made the switch. I bought this machine on sale originally, I think it was £220 to begin with and had 100 pounds off. I wanted to see if I could get the same results at home because it would end up being so much cheaper overall – and so much more hassle free as I usually had quite a drive to get to my salon.

So to start in case you don’t know about laser hair removal, it’s basically where a machine shoots laser beams (top lingo 😉 ) onto shaved skin. The light penetrates the skin and basically kills the hair follicle inside, eventually causing it not to grow back – so whatever area you’re lasering will be bald. (You can’t wax as there’s no follicle then, and you need to shave so the light isn’t just targeting the hair on the outside.) It feels really hot and slightly stingy on the high levels – the higher you go the better it works, but it’s definitely worth it. And if you can’t tolerate the slight plain, you can stay on the lower levels and more regularly laser.

Lasering is currently unsuitable for black and really tanned skin due to the high melanin levels you have. The paler you are and the darker body hair you have, the better this will work. So onto the Philips Lumea. (And just to add because I’m about to have a slight rave – this is not sponsored! Cool and groovy here we go.)

So this machine is easily hand held, plugs in at the mains and has an on button, the laser activation button and five different levels. You can’t activate the laser when it’s not pressed against the skin so it’s really safe – you just can’t laser the areas around your eyes for obvious reasons. My leg hair is actually blonde so I’ve been lasering a different area – TMI so we’ll leave that there, but it’s really great being on the road to having the perfectly smooth, bald skin area I’m desiring. 😉

I go for the highest level of this because I want to see the best results, it is uncomfortable (especially in certain areas,) but as I said, it’s definitely worth it. You’re supposed to laser once every two weeks for the first two months I believe, and then once a month after that. The instructions are all included and very easy to understand – but honestly I don’t think it’s too damaging using it more often as long as your skin is as healthy as normal and feeling good.

Since using this machine I have seen a massive difference. I would say its pretty much the same results as having it done professionally in a salon, but obviously much cheaper overall. (It’s also a lot more comfortable lasering intimate areas when you’re alone!) After using this for a good few months – although I have been slacking recently and need to get back into it – my hair is so much thinner and more sparse, and there are areas where it barely grows back at all. I do really think after religiously using this for a year or so I will be hair-free, which is amazing to me because I bloody hate the feeling of prickly body hairs and shaving rash. Sexy right? I’m a massive fan of this machine and would highly recommend laser hair removal to anyone that really hates shaving, or gets shaving rash and irritation from doing so. What do you think? Would you try laser hair removal?

You can buy this discounted here:                                                


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