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Hello my lovelies! I’m so excited to share this post with you today as there are some seriously amazing finds included, along with a website brand new to me that I will 100% be using again and again – the I really love this business because it’s family run, currently in the third generation of owners which is just amazing! They sell a massive range of products at great prices so it’s well worth checking out. I want to show you the summer essentials* I picked out to tide me through the sporadic weather!

So first up I was thrilled to the actual gills to see the Elizabeth Arden green tea perfume on the website. My mum was given a bottle as a gift last Christmas and I fell a little bit in love, so I’m so happy to have my own. The scent is pretty sweet and fresh, and perfect for summer – and only costs £9.90. Along with this I chose a Victoria’s Secret scent; I’d never tried this specific one before but I always love Victoria’s Secret perfumes and this definitely fit my expectations. Again this is perfect for summer and because it’s in a lightweight plastic bottle with a misty spray it’s great to take out on the go.

I feel like I look after my hair a lot more throughout the hotter summer months – obviously with the suns drying and damaging properties it’s important to keep up a good routine. (To me that means spending a little more on hair care products, where Aussie is always my go-to.) Batiste dry shampoo is always so handy to have on hand, and the travel minis are perfect to stick in your handbag for a refresh.

I’m a big fan of teeth whitening toothpastes, and usually always reach for the Colgate x Shakira perfect white range. With that being said I’ve seen this product pop up around lots of beauty groups so I really wanted to give it ago, I’m expecting good things.

I really like the concept of using charcoal within skincare products, it just feels really refreshing and cleaning, so I had to pick up a charcoal face mask that I’d been after for a long time – and it only costs £1.09. I get pretty knackered throughout the summer so I also chose some Lucozade energy tablets – my boyfriend says these are really tasty too so hopefully these with give me a good kick before going to the gym.

Along with an amazingly scented shower gel (have you tried these before? They’re so foamy and have a great fragrance range,) I chose a foot scrub – if you’re more active in summer exploring around it’s really important to take care of your feet, giving them a break and a pamper every now and then.

My boyfriend has been eyeing up the Alpecin caffeine shampoos for a while – it’s supposed to stimulate hair health and growth, so I added in one of these and the L’oreal body wash – this stuff smells so good (I literally use it myself in the shower ahah!) The range is great and on offer for under two pounds each, so I’ll probably be buying these as filler presents when his birthday comes round – so lets hope he doesn’t read this. 😉

What are your summer essentials?

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  1. 23/08/2017 / 5:13 PM

    Had the original green tea scent years ago…must give the summer version a try?

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