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Hello my beauts, how many times have you pondered this question? What would you actually do if you won the lottery? I feel like I would probably cry a lot, have a minor heart attack and then start planning my celebratory travels – there are so many things on my bucket list that would just be amazing to tick off, one day.. Ever since I was 16 I’ve been occasionally buying lottery tickets and scratch cards, I’m still waiting for my big break but one day maybe the luck will come my way! More recently I’ve turned to buying my lottery tickets online, knowing you’ll be emailed if you win and nothing can get lost is quite a weight-off (just incase 😉 ) and to be honest, I just love sitting on my laptop and getting things done that way, it’s so hassle free and especially quick if you want to enter in the particularly large-win bets.

  • So if I won the lottery I would absolutely take my friends and family to live in Iceland for a month or two. I absolutely fricken LOVE Iceland – there is so much to do, so much natural beauty, and I feel like if you’re living there for a long period of time you just have to see the Northern lights, at least once, which is probably top of my bucket list!
  • I would for sure buy a little holiday flat in Amsterdam – I adore Amsterdam and everything (well almost aha!) it has to offer, it’s such a beautiful place and I would love a canal-overlooking flat near the flower market.
  • Adopt a few of the oldest, ugliest cats from animal shelters. I will definitely do this one whether or not I win the lottery, but I really want to find the animals no one wants to adopt (I would still find them gorgeous b-t-dubs 😉 ) and just give them a loving, warm forever home filled with safety and happiness, my heart seriously breaks for these fur babies!

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What would you do if you won the lottery?

*This post was written in partnership with Lottoland


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