The best date nights

Hello you beauts! Dating, yikes. I’ve personally always loved it, but I haven’t gone on lots of dates with lots of different people. I feel like there can be a hella lot more stress involved when you’re going out with new people – especially if you’re looking to get a bit more serious with someone. Although, I do think when you’re looking you just won’t find it, you need to be happy in yourself to be happy with anyone else for sure – so you should work on you and that’s when someone else will bob around the corner.

I’ve never personally used a dating app but pretty much all of my friends have – I feel like it’s a social media now, if you’re single you probably use one. It’s all very well talking to someone over the phone but that makes it 1000000x more scary when you finally meet up, because you already have these expectations and perceptions about someone that you just don’t know if they’ll meet – scary times. If you want to try local dating apps you could look into the following – Lancashire dating, Bournemouth dating, Western Isles dating, Oxford dating and Basingstoke dating. I feel like certain date nights carry different amounts of pressure, so I thought I’d make a list of my favourite date nights that are more chilled:

For me at least, alcohol makes any stressful situation a million times less stressful, so a chilled out bar/pub is probably my number one. You can have a chat with someone in a much more relaxed environment, and even play pool/darts to mix it up or if you’re at that stage where you just don’t know what to say. (Man that stage is awkward!) My first proper date with my boyfriend was at a pub where I got wayyy too drunk; maybe I should add don’t overdo it ahaha – but it was loads of fun and we’re happily living together now!

Doing things makes me feel far less stressed – for me a sit down face to face meal is way too intense for a first date because literally all you can do is talk (or eat silently but tbh that’s way too awkward for my liking!) A game-incorporated date is loads more chilled back and when you can’t think of anything to say you can just talk about the game – phew. You could try a (mini) golf range, or go a bit crazy and go to go ape or somewhere with all the bants.

Mazes like the Forbidden Corner up Yorkshire up North are so much fun and stress free. As you’re walking around and completely consumed with everything around you it’s a lot easier to let go and have fun together. Although the Forbidden Corner is for sure the best, there are labyrinths/mazes dotted all around the country – Burghley Gardens is a great one to try a little further down south.

Theme parks or carnivals are another stress free idea – you’re filled with adrenaline from the rides that you shouldn’t feel as much first-date nerves, and there are loads of fun game stalls to unwind together. If you’re going on a near-Crimbo date you could look into Winter Wonderland which is a heap of fun and really romantic.

Are you a first date fan? What are your favourite date nights?

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  1. 18/08/2017 / 4:24 PM

    I don’t miss casual dating at all. I’m happy to be in a long term relationship. But I love date days/nights with my boyfriend. I love doing fun stuff like mini golf or our recent trip to Disney. Other times I just like hanging in as we don’t get a lot of time together due to work and stuff.

    • Emma
      20/08/2017 / 8:00 PM

      Haha I feel ya! I much prefer being in a happy committed relationship too! Disney is such an amazing couples trip – sooo magical. Thanks for your comment lovely xxx

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